JT, a true Queens­lan­der through and through

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JT, you are a leg­end, the best we’ve ever seen. A mas­ter on the footy field, the great­est that’s ever been. When young kids see how you con­duct your­self, and how pride for your cul­ture is held so dear. You have no shame from where you came, and your her­itage won’t dis­ap­pear. A man that is held in such high es­teem, by all the foot­ball world. A man that is a Queens­lan­der, and as such you stand so tall. The know- alls said make it, that your small. They for­got you are a Queens­lan­der, and you were born to play foot­ball. Born to be a great one, on the field and you would stature was not too in life. You’re a hero to your par­ents, to your chil­dren and your wife. A hero to all Queens­land, but an enigma to New South Wales. When they see you are in the team, be­tween their legs, they tuck their tails. For while you have played for Queens­land, and it seems so long ago. For in twelve years poor old New South Wales, has only won … one in a row. When peo­ple looked at Phar Lap when he was just a foal, no­body would have ever known, what was go­ing to un­fold, for a heart as big as Phar Lap is what ev­ery­one would say. But a heart as big as JT, is what they say to­day. So, JT, you hold your head up high, with pride you gave us all your best. For what you have achieved in ori­gin, you surely de­serve a rest. But you can be as­sured JT, your legacy will shine through. For every young Queens­lan­der, wants to be like you. So even when you’re not in the team, your AURA is so strong. The young blokes that will take your place, won’t do us any wrong. So, JT now you have re­tired, as GREAT play­ers do. Be as­sured JT, as long as there is Ori­gin, we will never ever for­get you. So, thanks for the mem­o­ries JT, A Queens­lan­der, through and through.

BOB KOHLER, Suther­land Sta­tion, Bowen/ Collinsville. just all

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