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Our Pre­mier is in­ex­pli­ca­bly drag­ging the chain by not drop­ping them a line to ask for any of the ear­marked cash- ola.


WHILE most of us don’t put pen to pa­per any more, it’s prob­a­bly good news for Aus­tralia Post that our politi­cians are so of­ten re­ported to have leapt into ac­tion on an is­sue by hav­ing “writ­ten a let­ter”.

No doubt they’re ac­tu­ally email­ing; speed and re­li­a­bil­ity spring to mind as com­pelling rea­sons for elec­tronic over snail, but this drawn- out ten­nis match of po­lit­i­cal mis­sives could well be writ­ten on old man­ual type­writ­ers with a car­bon copy for safe­keep­ing con­sid­er­ing the glacial pace of ac­tion on our most press­ing is­sues.

We keep hear­ing from our fed­eral coun­ter­parts that there are funds for all sorts of things up for grabs but our Pre­mier is in­ex­pli­ca­bly drag­ging the chain by not drop­ping them a line to ask for any of the ear­marked cashola.

What about the agree­ment that our three tiers of gov­ern­ment agreed to that makes like they are besties, with the ex­press pur­pose of col­lec­tively act­ing in our best in­ter­ests? It worked for the sta­dium but what about more press­ing is­sues like the triple threat that is hold­ing us back from pro­gress­ing as a city: power, wa­ter and crime?

All are state is­sues that re­quire mas­sive fund­ing and the cur­rent status of all three is about as messy as a blender with the lid off.

We’ve got a short- term wa­ter “so­lu­tion” that prom­ises a wa­ter sup­ply that de­pends on power that we can’t af­ford, and a State Gov­ern­ment re­liant on power prices re­main­ing high. Con­flict, much?

We’ve got a power cri­sis that shows no sign of res­o­lu­tion, we can say “baseload power sta­tion” un­til we are blue in the face but it’s wish­ful think­ing at best with our Pre­mier stalling for time due to the So­phie’s Choice sit­u­a­tion; if they help us, it hurts them.

Last of all we have the crime is­sue – not much has been re­ported lately, but like the tree fall­ing in the woods anal­ogy, does that mean it’s not hap­pen­ing?

The in­no­va­tive use of a tri­dent and a chain­saw by vic­tims of a home in­va­sion this week didn’t stop thieves es­cap­ing with prop­erty, while I ex­pe­ri­enced an ap­par­ent ac­tion movie right next door with around 15 po­lice of­fi­cers giv­ing chase to a fugi­tive about 20 min­utes be­fore my ex­pected Air BnB guest rocked up.

Miss­ing the ac­tion by mere min­utes my re­lief was short- lived, my guest’s first words were: “Is my hire car safe in the street? The crime here was all over the news in Mel­bourne.”

“Um, aah, prob­a­bly best if you lock it, take out any­thing of value and by the way, is it in­sured?” ( ner­vous laugh).

We’ve had ex­tra po­lice of­fi­cers sent up from Brissy twice now but even the strong­est band- aid peels off even­tu­ally.

Ef­fec­tive gov­ern­ment on every level is an out­come vot­ers can’t seem to achieve and as­sum­ing those that we have will work to­gether for the best out­comes is an even fur­ther stretch. It’s not helped that most of Queens­land’s re­gional ar­eas are suf­fer­ing sim­i­lar is­sues, so we are com­pet­ing against each other for the few crumbs left over from the South­east feast.

We need ef­fec­tive gov­ern­ment and ef­fec­tive out­comes.

Maybe we should all write a let­ter.


IN­NO­VA­TIVE: Johnny Smith chased two rob­bers away with his chain­saw and tri­dent.

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