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J be­lieves aliens could be out there, in­tensely dis­likes Don­ald Trump, would take a puppy over a kit­ten any day, and yes, in case you’ve not heard, has in­deed found love again.

The charis­matic star of the hit re­al­ity series is high on life and counting the mo­ments un­til he can talk about the woman who has cap­tured his heart.

He’s promised view­ers a happy end­ing when The Bach­e­lor fi­nale screens in a cou­ple of months, in con­trast to the heart­break he suf­fered on The Bach­e­lorette last year.

As we await the name of the Matty’s cho­sen one, here’s some el­e­va­tor mu­sic.

“I think we’ll de­brief af­ter episodes, about what hap­pens. I’m sure she’ll have maybe some ques­tions and I’d be naive to think she’s not go­ing to get jeal­ous.”

“It’s hard to say, it’s early days. But I wouldn’t be with some­one if I didn’t see that kind of po­ten­tial in that re­la­tion­ship.”

“I think surely, look­ing at the size of the uni­verse and how vast it is ... there’s got to be one planet out there with a life form.

“I dis­like Don­ald Trump enor­mously. I think his poli­cies on im­mi­gra­tion, his stance on Mus­lims, on cli­mate change, mi­nori­ties, I just dis­agree with al­most ev­ery­thing he stands for. “I’m a big sup­porter of same- sex mar­riage. To be hon­est it’s just

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