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“She’s ( Ms La­m­ont- Stan­field) said to me, half scream­ing, ‘ did you re­ally do it’. I said, ‘ did we re­ally do what?’ and she said ‘ did you kill some­one?’.

“I said, ‘ don’t be so f--- ing stupid’. I looked at Kevin and said ‘ what the f-- k have you been say­ing?’ ”

Mr Eastaughffe said he did not re­mem­ber Mr Wright re­spond­ing to his ques­tion but that in­ci­dent broke their friend­ship and the two were no longer in con­tact.

In the tran­script of an in­ter­cepted phone call be­tween Mr Eastaughffe and a friend from 2014, Mr Eastaughffe re­ferred to Mr Wright as a “queer c-- t” and spoke of the Jones dis­ap­pear­ance.

Prose­cut­ing bar­ris­ter Mi- chael Ni­col­son told the in­quest the phone call came at a time when de­tec­tives had been in Hugh­en­den fol­low­ing up leads on the case.

“You make a ref­er­ence to the news, you say ‘ the cop­pers are get­ting f--- ing war­rants to go search the slaugh­ter yards about Tony Jones’,” Mr Ni­col­son read from the tran­script.

“You say, ‘ the slaugh­ter yards and the f--- ing Grand Ho­tel,’ … was that in­for­ma­tion in the me­dia at the time?”

Mr Eastaughffe an­swered yes.

“You say the words, ‘ only ever two peo­ple at the slaugh­ter yards, Kevin and Nobby’.

“You say the words, ‘ any­how, might be why the queer c-- t, has been queer all his life’ … who are you re­fer­ring to there?”

Mr Eastaughffe replied: “That would have been Kevin Wright. He just talks out, he seems to flip from one thing to another and talks a lot of drib­ble.”

Mr Eastaughffe ad­mit­ted he could not ac­count for his where­abouts on Novem­ber 3, 1982, the sus­pected date Jones was killed. He was also ques­tioned about the ex­act date he had left Townsville Gram­mar School, where he was board­ing, to head home to Hugh­en­den.

He told the in­quest he be­lieved he had been open and hon­est through­out the years of ques­tion­ing.

“I be­lieve I’ve given all the in­for­ma­tion asked of me, yes,” he said. The in­quest con­tin­ues to­day. A SEC­OND per­son of in­ter­est in the dis­ap­pear­ance of Tony Jones and the talk­ing point of much of this week’s in­quest, Kevin Wright, will fi­nally take the stand to­day.

It will be the first time the Jones fam­ily will hear from and ques­tion Mr Wright fol­low­ing his un­suc­cess­ful bid in the Supreme Court to be dis­missed from giv­ing ev­i­dence.

Mr Wright has been the sub­ject of much of the ev­i­dence given this week at the in­quest, with Tony Jones’s brother Mark telling the Bul­letin last night that it was time to hear from the man him­self.

“The man that’s tried so hard not to speak, he’s a man that ev­ery­body needs to hear his side of the story from, so yes, ab­so­lutely, let’s hope he does speak,” Mr Jones said.

“The al­le­ga­tions are there, it’s very odd that he would choose to at­tempt not to speak af­ter hav­ing such a big mouth, so here’s his chance, let’s hope he uses it.”

Mr Jones said the fam­ily were pleased with how day four had pro­ceeded yes­ter­day, hear­ing from John Eastaughffe and hav­ing his ver­sion of events aired.

“We’re very happy to get the record from the horse’s mouth,” he said. “This is not a trial, it’s not a witch hunt, it’s about get­ting to the truth and that’s why it’s im­por­tant to hear from th­ese peo­ple.”

Mr Jones said the fam­ily hoped more wit­nesses were able to be called next week to lend weight to their re­quest to have the slaugh­ter yards at Hugh­en­den ex­ca­vated.

“We hope the Coroner uses next week wisely – we need to tie up as many loose ends as pos­si­ble,” he said.

“There are still some key peo­ple yet to speak and we need to ex­am­ine where Tony might lie.

“There’s lots of dis­cus­sions about things out at the ( Hugh­en­den) slaugh­ter yards. We’ve ap­plied to the Coroner, prior to the in­quest, to is­sue a war­rant to ex­ca­vate those premises.

“We’re hop­ing that will be a topic of dis­cus­sion and we have peo­ple there as wit­nesses next week to ( sup­port) that argument.”

FOR­MER FRIEND: Kevin Wright, who will give ev­i­dence to­day and ( inset) Tony Jones’s brother Mark.

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