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Mer­cury has made t wo chal­leng­ing an­gles. Yes­ter­day, it linked to Jupiter; to­day it aligns with Pluto. It sug­gests the need to come to terms with an is­sue that has proved hard to un­der­stand. To­day, with Mer­cury at home in Virgo, it’s like hav­ing the in­stincts and in­tel­lect of Jes­sica Fletcher, Sher­lock Holmes and In­spec­tor Clouseau, all rolled into one. Our pow­ers of de­duc­tion are strong. And, with Jupiter’s keen sense of ex­plo­ration, and urge for wis­dom, a cer­tain conundrum won’t re­main a mys­tery for long. Now where’s my mag­ni­fy­ing glass…

aries Mar 20 – Apr 19

How do you know that some­thing’s a great work of art? One def­i­ni­tion might be that you can re­turn to it again and again, and keep find­ing some­thing new. You may have a paint­ing that never ceases to in­spire, a poem that you go back to, or a piece of mu­sic that trans­ports you to a dif fer­ent plane. Re­turn­ing to prob­lems or fears, though, only strength­ens their hold on you. Don’t dwell too long on a trick y sit­u­a­tion - not when there’s so much ex­cite­ment to be had this week­end. Dis­cover why Au­gust has so many op­por­tu­ni­ties. Call 1900 959 005.

gem­ini May 21 – Jun 20

When we’re tied to a place, a per­son or a sit­u­a­tion for any length of time, we be­come com­fort­able. We ex­pe­ri­ence a sen­sa­tion of loss when we’re turned loose. This means that some­times, even if we aren’t par­tic­u­larly happy with our cir­cum­stances, we hes­i­tate to leave them be­hind. Venus, in your sign, has moved from op­pos­ing re­stric­tive Saturn, to be­ing en­cour­aged by break­away Uranus. Though your new- found free­dom may feel daunt­ing, it’s there for the tak­ing. Your in- depth fore­cast for the whole of Au­gust can re­ally help. Call 1900 959 005.

leo Jul 22 – Aug 22

It can be dif fi­cult to step back long enough to ap­pre­ci­ate how in­spir­ing lif e can be. But when we do, the sheer in­ten­sit y can take our breath away. Many of the things we take for granted - even those we’re not so fond of - are awe- in­spir­ing. But this isn’ t so easy to re­mem­ber when you’re push­ing a trol­ley around your lo­cal su­per­mar­ket. We tend to fo­cus on our lis t s of things to do, and worry about lit tle things. The Cos­mos is send­ing you a gif t to re­mind you how glo­ri­ous lif e can be. In Au­gust, the power of the plan­ets can change your lif e. Call 1900 959 0 05.

li­bra Sep 23 - Oct 22

Have you ever no­ticed how much you f eel at ea se on r eturn­ing home af ter an ab­sence? We’re com­for t able and rela xed i n our own spa­ces. And, we’re com­for t able too, i n the things we be­lieve. Yet sup­pose you came home to find a strange new sofa i n your liv­ing room? Your f eel­ing of con­tent­ment would van­ish rather quickly. Though a l ong- held be­lief now seems bizarre and un­con­vinc­ing, it ’ s sim­ply a sign of change i n your emo­tional un­der­stand­ing. Your per­spec tive’s about to shif t . Four min­utes on the phone can make Au­gust spe­cial. Call 19 0 0 959 0 0 5.

sagit­tar­ius Nov 20 - Dec 20

Yes­ter­day, we talked about hav­ing faith in your abil­i­ties. But would we even need faith if our con­fi­dence were never chal­lenged? The path to suc­cess this week­end isn’t nec­es­sar­ily smooth. But no mat­ter how stop- start, crooked or bumpy, there’s suc­cess to be had. When you put your heart into what­ever you’re do­ing, love and laughter are avail­able. If you ab­sorb the lessons of your set­backs, you’ll be­come stronger. Out of the tini­est crack in the pave­ment, a mighty tree can grow. Be ready for the magic on of fer to you in Au­gust. Call 1900 959 005.

aquar­ius Jan 20 - Feb 17

Imag­ine a fu­ture where telepa­thy is com­mon­place. I’ve wit­nessed many in­stances of peo­ple com­mu­ni­cat­ing us­ing their minds alone, and pre­dict that as hu­man be­ings progress, more of us will be able to har­ness our psy­chic abil­i­ties. This will bring great ben­e­fits – and chal­lenges too. Would peo­ple be ar­rested just for their ideas? How would we pro­tect our in­ner­most feel­ings from pry­ing eyes? Such prob­lems are for an­other day. To­day, no one can read your mind. You can re­lax. Don’t miss your in­spir­ing in- depth fore­cast for Au­gust. Call 1900 959 005.

tau­rus Apr 20 – May 20

Some peo­ple love get­ting lost in a maze, whilst oth­ers ex­pe­ri­ence panic as they keep com­ing to dead ends. Then there are those with an­a­lyt­i­cal skills, who plot a route to the cen­tre with the min­i­mum of moves. But just imag­ine if you had cre­ated a maze, but then be­came lost in it. Frus­tra­tion wouldn’t be the word for it. Al­though you’re plans aren’t go­ing the way you’d en­vis­aged, your pow­ers of dis­cern­ment haven’t de­serted you. It’s just tak­ing longer than you’d like to find the way. There is in­spir­ing news in your in- depth Au­gust fore­cast. Call 1900 959 005.

can­cer Jun 21 – Jul 21

There’s a com­mon no­tion that you get back what you give out. But is that re­ally true? Most of the time, there seems to be no rhyme or rea­son to the gif t s be­stowed on some peo­ple, and the tragedies on oth­ers. Where is the jus­tice? Are we sim­ply play­things for the gods? Though we may never know the an­swer, what we do know, is that the Uni­verse has faith in you right now. You might not have seen the ev­i­dence yet, but it’s there, work­ing be­hind the scenes. Be­lieve in it! Au­gust is a pow­er­ful month for you. Find out more. Call 1900 959 005.

virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22

You’re not short of bright ideas, but you’re not al­ways sure that you have the mo­men­tum to see them through. And, what’s the point of pur­su­ing fruit­less en­deav­ours? Yet you, and your fruit bowl, have less to worry about than you might imag­ine. Think of the spiky durian fruit who’s smell has led to it be­ing banned in ho­tels and air­ports. Some brave soul must have taken a bite and re­alised it s flesh tasted de­li­cious. As Venus links to Uranus this week­end, ev­ery­thing will be well… just peachy! Au­gust brings great po­ten­tial for change. Call 1900 959 005.

scor­pio Oct 23 - Nov 21

‘ A li ei s half way round the world be­fore the truth ha s got it s boots on’ said Mark Twain. In this age of so­cial me­dia gos­sip and vi­ral com­mu­ni­ca­tion, his words ring truer still . But what hap­pens when the only per­son we’re de­ceiv­ing i s our­selves? That’s a more com­plex prob­lem. I f we’re i n the habit of edit­ing f ac t s to suit our i nner f anta sies, we’re the only per­son who can ex­pose the f alse­hood. I f you want to make sense of some­thing that’s con­fus­ing you, it ’ s wor th con­sid­er­ing that to­day. In­spir­ing times await you i n Au­gust. Call your NEW f oreca st: 19 0 0 959 0 0 5.

capri­corn Dec 2 1 - Jan 19

You’ve closed your eyes, taken a deep breath and stepped over the cliff edge. Look­ing down, you can see waves crash­ing onto the rocks be­neath. No won­der your nerves are jan­gling – it’s a dis­con­cert­ing po­si­tion to be in. But sup­pose you pause and do a quick safety check. Are the ropes strong enough to hold your weight? Are they se­curely at­tached? The an­swer is ‘ Yes’. It’s nor­mal to feel anx­ious when you step into the un­known. You’re be­ing held and en­cour­aged by a kindly sky. Au­gust brings a rare cos­mic op­por­tu­nity for change. Call 1900 959 005.

pisces Feb 18 - Mar 19

We’ve talked re­cently about you hav­ing a dif fi­cult mes­sage to get across. You’ve reached a turn­ing point that’s not easy to nav­i­gate. But that’s not bad news. The chal­lenges you face are merely mat­ters to be over­come, rather than im­mov­able block­ages that stop you in your tracks. Jupiter’s re­cent links in­sist that, as long as you fol­low your heart, and be­gin any ac­tion from a place of em­pa­thy this week­end, new ways to ne­go­ti­ate around old prob­lems will soon start to ap­pear. Your in- depth fore­cast for Au­gust is ready. Call 1900 959 005.

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