Alarm over fum­bles

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I HAVE watched on in in­ter­est over the past six months as the state elec­tion looms large.

Nor­mally I am not one to write a let­ter to the pa­per, but af­ter what I wit­nessed the other evening I felt com­pelled to.

As they say: long time reader, first time writer!

I de­cided on Wed­nes­day night to tune into the hear­ings oc­cur­ring at State Par­lia­ment to see for my­self whether all that is printed in these pages about Co­ralee O’Rourke was true.

To say that I was alarmed is a true un­der­state­ment. I sat there and watched as she bum­bled and fum­bled her way through the hear­ings and couldn’t even an­swer the sim­plest of ques­tions about Townsville is­sues with­out be­ing handed a piece of pa­per with an an­swer on it.

It was very dis­ap­point­ing and dis­heart­en­ing to watch.

It was not as though she was asked to ex­plain the sci­ence be­hind the Hadron Col­lider. The ques­tions were fairly sim­ple, and ques­tions that I would say are on the minds of most Townsville res­i­dents, things like unem­ploy­ment, crime, elec­tric­ity and cost of liv­ing.

How­ever, she couldn’t an­swer them with­out be­ing handed a piece of pa­per and re­gur­gi­tat­ing po­lit­i­cal party spin and rub­bish.

De­jected at the rep­re­sen­ta­tion she is pro­vid­ing me, I de­cided to do some Googling and was aghast to learn that she earns $ 300,000 plus a year for her ef­forts.

I was also dis­gusted to learn that this is by no means the first time she has been caught out not be­ing across the is­sues fac­ing Townsville.

Ms O’Rourke was quoted as say­ing in the Bul­letin that “en­ergy is an is­sue that gets raised with me on a weekly ba­sis”.

Well Ms O’Rourke, I have a ques­tion for you. What are you ac­tu­ally do­ing about it? What are you do­ing to re­duce my elec­tric­ity bill? What are you do­ing to en­sure we feel safe in our homes? What are you do­ing to en­sure my kids can stay in Townsville and get a job?

From what I saw the other night, not much, but a lot of hot air and fancy words that no doubt some highly- paid ad­viser spent weeks froth­ing over.

Re­mem­ber, ac­tions louder than words.

It would seem that she has ob­vi­ously for­got­ten since be­ing elected that Townsville res­i­dents placed trust in her, a trust that it would seem, by all ac­counts, was mis­placed.

Co­ralee O’Rourke you have been a great dis­ap­point­ment. JAMIE BRIANNON,

Wul­guru. speak

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