19 quick ways to save $ 100

We all want to cut costs. You can save a bun­dle with a few sim­ple tips.

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THE av­er­age Aus­tralian is the sec­ond rich­est per­son in the world be­hind the av­er­age Swiss. But it sure doesn’t seem like it.

While su­per­an­nu­a­tion and prop­erty val­ues have had good gains, slow wage growth has meant our in­come growth to pay bills has been sub­dued.

Every dol­lar counts. So here are 19 ways that can each save at least $ 100. And maybe lots more. 1. DON’T BUY BOT­TLED WA­TER The great First World waste of money. Why pay $ 4 a bot­tle, more than you do for a litre of petrol, when you can turn on a tap and get it for free. Crazy. 2. RING THE BANK FOR A DIS­COUNT They can only say no … but they’ll prob­a­bly say OK. Es­pe­cially if you have in­sur­ance, credit cards and in­vest­ments with the bank. You’re a valu­able cus­tomer and there­fore should get at least a 0.5 per cent dis­count on the ad­ver­tised vari­able home loan rate. It will save thou­sands of dol­lars. 3. WAIT A DAY AF­TER DE­CID­ING TO BUY SOME­THING In other words, never buy on im­pulse. You’ll be amazed, by tak­ing the ex­tra 24 hours, how of­ten you de­cide not to go through with the trans­ac­tion. 4. USE COUPONS AND SHOP­PER DOCK­ETS There are bar­gain dis­counts right in front of you which we hardly ever use – such as on the back of su­per­mar­ket re­ceipts. There are great deals if you look. 5. CALL FREE For­get about find­ing the best long- dis­tance or in­ter­na­tional phone plan, down­load apps like Skype and What­sApp and call friends and rel­a­tives for free. 6. FORGO TAKE­AWAY COF­FEE Grab a free cof­fee from home or the work kitchen in­stead of your $ 3.50 latte from the lo­cal cafe. Save $ 20 a week, $ 80 a month, $ 1000 a year. It adds up. 7. SHOP SMART Any­thing at eye level on su­per­mar­ket shelves is more ex­pen­sive than prod­ucts at your toes or above your head. Eye- level shelves are prime spots and pro­duc­ers pay su­per­mar­ket more for it. 8. RE­VIEW YOUR IN­SUR­ANCE Never au­to­mat­i­cally pay a re­newal, al­ways com­pare and ask for a bet­ter deal. Save by hav­ing your house, car and life in­sur­ance with the same com­pany. In­crease the ex­cess if you are strug­gling to pay your pre­mi­ums but never cut the level of cover­age. 9. GET RID OF CREDIT Switch to a debit credit card and avoid in­ter­est charges and late fees. Debit credit cards let you use credit card fa­cil­i­ties but only let you to spend your own money so you can’t go into debt. 10. TAKE LUNCH TO WORK It’s hard to buy a sand­wich and a drink for less than $ 10. Plan ahead when you do the weekly gro­cery shop and take a packed lunch to work. Save $ 50 a week, $ 200 a month, $ 10,000 a year. 11. BUY SEC­OND­HAND You can save a for­tune buy­ing sec­ond­hand clothes, fur­ni­ture and toys. On­line sites like eBay or Gumtree help you search, view, bid and buy vir­tu­ally any­thing … at a bar­gain. 12. CUT EN­ERGY COSTS Cut elec­tric­ity bill by in­stalling en­ergy- ef­fi­cient or flu­o­res­cent bulbs, un­plug­ging the sec­ond fridge and us­ing dry­ing racks in­stead of the clothes dryer.

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