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EVER heard of f th the d drug met­formin? If you are like me you prob­a­bly haven’t.

It is used in the first line of de­fence against type 2 di­a­betes. It fea­tures in Townsville gas­troen­terol­o­gist Dr Stephen Fair­ley’s, new book deal­ing with look­ing af­ter your body, Age­ing, How to Kick the Habit. Dr Fair­ley says ev­ery­one mid­dle- aged and over should be talk­ing to their doc­tor about tak­ing Met­formin.

He be­lieves it could be use­ful in fend­ing off can­cer, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease and de­men­tia. He cau­tions there could be stud­ies down the track that show it is of no use what­so­ever, but he doubts it. He’s blunt. He doesn’t have a lot of sym­pa­thy for peo­ple who live on a diet of sug­ary drinks and carbs and who never ex­er­cise and won­der why they are obese and have high blood sugar. This book, like his oth­ers, is all about peo­ple help­ing them­selves.

His tips for de­lay­ing the age­ing process, are: Min­imise an­i­mal- based pro­tein and fo­cus more on beans and lentils. Eats lots of ve­g­ies.

“This is to be the main­stay of your diet. Not just any veg­eta­bles but the more colour­ful the bet­ter,” he says.

Avoid car­bo­hy­drates as much as pos­si­ble – put starchy veg­eta­bles like pota­toes, grains and all added and con­cen­trated sug­ars on the banned list. Dr Fair­ley’s loyal read­ers will re­call that he is no fan of car­bo­hy­drates. His last book was ti­tled Death by Carbs. “If food is pro­cessed, for­get it. You should not eat pro­cessed foods, they con­tain large amounts of sugar, dan­ger­ous sat­u­rated veg­etable fats and emul­si­fiers which worsen your in­sulin re­sis­tance or di­a­betes,” he says.

Drink al­co­hol in mod­er­a­tion, one to two glasses a day, prefer­ably wine. Drink cof­fee reg­u­larly. “If you don’t like cof­fee, keep at it at un­til your do” he ad­vises. Dr Fair­ley’s mis­sion is to try and put a dent in the obe­sity epi­demic.

Don’t get him started on the gov­ern­ment pay­ing drug com­pa­nies for anti- obe­sity drugs. “No one wants to say the truth which is sim­ple. If you stop eat­ing too much car­bo­hy­drate and to a lesser ex­tent pro­tein, you cut fatty liver dis­ease. Even with­out ex­er­cise. No drugs re­quired,” he said. The book costs $ 10 and it is steal. It is avail­able Dr Fair­ley’s rooms at 163 Kings Rd, Pim­lico, Townsville Day Surgery, GP clin­ics and Mary Who? Book­shop.


IT has been a big cou­ple of weeks for book re­leases in Townsville. Yvonne Cadet- James, Robert An­drew James, Sue McGinty and Rus­sell McGre­gor have writ­ten the story of the Gugu Bad­hun, Peo­ple of the Val­ley of La­goons. This is richly il­lus­trated and tells the sto­ries of the dif­fer­ent indige­nous fam­i­lies who lived in the Gugu Bad­hun home­lands of the up­per Bur­dekin. The Gertz, Hooli­han and Snider fam­i­lies and many oth­ers all fea­ture in this de­tailed ac­count about life and his­tory on the up­per Bur­dekin. There is even space given to how Parky Atkin­son or “Parky Wool­o­go­rang” found his way to the Green­vale area from the North­ern Ter­ri­tory. The Gertz, Buller, Snider, Hooli­han fam­i­lies along with many oth­ers fea­ture in the book. It is avail­able at Mary Who? Book­shop.

Dr Stephen Fair­ley

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