Dual na­tion­al­ity non­sense Churches’ mar­riage role

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WHO else is over this dual cit­i­zen­ship witch- hunt that has our politi­cians and press to­tally ab­sorbed?

We have old peo­ple who are be­ing evicted from their units be­cause they can’t pay their elec­tric­ity bills and fam­i­lies be­ing torn apart be­cause mum and dad both have to work some­times two jobs just to sur­vive.

And yet this self- ob­sessed gov­ern­ment is too busy try­ing to find a way to get elected mem­bers thrown out be­cause of some glitch in the paper­work. This is mad­ness and once again the cost to re­place those that get cut loose will come from the good old tax­payer.

If a per­son gets voted to serve by the peo­ple they should only be re­moved by an­other elec­tion not some out­dated rule. Politi­cians like to take mat­ters into their own hands and the Can­berra slice and dice of Prime Min­is­ters is the ul­ti­mate power trip for the ego­ma­ni­a­cal Pied Pipers that are sup­posed to be run­ning the coun­try.

If ever there was a need for good lead­er­ship in our coun­try, it is right now. They all seem to have for­got­ten how they got into power. Aussies voted for them to rep­re­sent them in their elec­torate so do what they promised and serve the peo­ple. MICHAEL ABRA­HAM,

Bohle. AS one who op­poses any change to the Mar­riage Act to al­low for same- sex cou­ples to marry, I am con­cerned that an­other Lib­eral Party MP, Trevor Evans, has joined a small group of Coali­tion MPs urg­ing the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment to aban­don its prom­ise to hold a plebiscite so the Aus­tralian peo­ple could vote on the mat­ter.

His col­league Dean Smith is at present draft­ing a bill to al­low for same- sex mar­riage to be put to the Par­lia­ment in a few weeks.

The rad­i­cal LGBT lobby group has de­manded that it be shown the bill be­fore any de­ci­sion is made. I won­der if the Chris­tians’ lobby group, ACL, will be given the same priv­i­lege. Mar­riage is a covenant which re­quires pledges and the ex­change of vows be­fore wit­nesses, be­fore be­ing sealed in pri­vate by sex­ual in­ter­course which has the po­ten­tial to lead to the pro­cre­ation of chil­dren. ( Mark 10 v. 7).

Gov­ern­ments have noth­ing to do with it ex­cept to keep a record that a mar­riage has taken place. Such record keep­ing by sec­u­lar au­thor­i­ties is fairly re­cent. Be­fore that time, the churches kept their own records. So why can’t the churches do so again? It might be worth think­ing about. CECILY MACALPINE,


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