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IN the Ge­orge Strait song I Can Still Make Cheyenne, a cow­boy phones his wife from a far­away rodeo to tell her he missed out on the fi­nals and is com­ing home.

It goes like this: Didn’t make the short go again and I’m com­ing home/ I know I’ve been away too long/ I never got a chance to write or call/ And I know this rodeo has been hard on us all/ But I’ll be home soon/ And honey is there some­thing wrong?

He can bet his faded Wran­glers there is some­thing wrong. She tells him: Don’t bother com­ing home/ By the time you get here I’ll be long gone/ There’s some­body new and he sure ain’t no rodeo man.

Judg­ing by his re­sponse, he’s not ex­actly heart­bro­ken and if he doesn’t spend too long say­ing goodbye he might make the bronc ride at the Cheyenne rodeo: I’m sorry it’s come down to this/ There’s so much about you I’m gonna miss/ But it’s al­right baby/ If I hurry I can still make Cheyenne/ Gotta go now baby/ If I hurry I can still make Cheyenne.

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