In­ept crime pol­icy should be ac­tion­able

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OPEN­ING a news­pa­per or watch­ing the news this past year is like Ground­hog Day with the same head­lines and sto­ries of peo­ple be­ing robbed or bashed in their own homes nightly in Queens­land.

If this doesn’t make you sick in the guts, noth­ing will. The only up­side to this re­peated story is it shows the Queens­land’s gov­ern­ments failed youth “no jus­tice pol­icy” is pun­ish­ing peo­ple right across our great state.

This govern­ment will go down in his­tory as the cre­ators of the great­est crime spree our state has ever seen.

They ap­pear clue­less on what to do ex­cept hold talk fests and ap­point a su­per hero or two to watch it all take place.

Their sys­tem of failed jus­tice en­sures there must never be any­one held ac­count­able for their ac­tions and re­ward­ing crim­i­nals with a free pass to ter­rorise sub­urbs.

My ques­tion is to any­one who has a le­gal back­ground or an un­der­stand­ing of the sys­tem – why can’t the govern­ment be held re­spon­si­ble for fail­ure to pro­vide a safe place to live in Queens­land?

Any con­trac­tor or busi­ness owner who op­er­ates in Queens­land has to pro­vide a safe work­ing en­vi­ron­ment or feel the full force of the law. So what makes the govern­ment ex­empt from pro­vid­ing a safe place to live with­out fear of be­ing robbed or bashed in our own homes?

I would like to know who would join me in a class ac­tion against this lame govern­ment? If the com­bined vic­tims of crime in Townsville over the past year all con­trib­uted $ 10 each we should have over $ 10,000 pretty quickly to en­gage a lawyer to pun­ish this in­ept govern­ment. MIKE ABRA­HAM,


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