At peril from plas­tic

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IN RE­SPONSE to M. War­ren “Time to bag plas­tic id­iocy” ( TB, 27/ 10).

Mr War­ren, the rest of the world is well aware why super­mar­kets stopped plas­tic bags.

The oceans are full of mi­croplas­tic pel­lets which we hu­mans are now di­gest­ing, pre­sum­ably in seafood we eat.

These pel­lets have been found in hu­man stools in the past week con­firm­ing what we al­ready knew, that plas­tic waste is a world­wide prob­lem and, of course, the less plas­tic we use, the less plas­tic ends up in our oceans.

I have not found it a bur­den to take a few ma­te­rial bags to the su­per­mar­ket with me to pack my gro­ceries, like the ma­jor­ity of shop­pers do.

I trust Mr War­ren’s or­gan­i­sa­tional skills al­low him to join that ma­jor­ity. SHAUN NEW­MAN,


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