dean mor­ri­son comes up for air af­ter the worst year of his life. by kirk ow­ers

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dean Mor­ri­son is known and ad­mired for many things but talk­ing him­self up isn't one of them. Cast as one of the all-con­quer­ing Coolie Kids as a teenager Mor­ri­son has lived in the spot­light for most of his life. While Mick and Joel hit the World Tour burn­ing rub­ber and have barely paused since, Deano strug­gled with fame and the pres­sure to per­form. Af­ter his one and only tour vic­tory in 2003 he fell off the pace and be­gan slip­ping off the radar. Doubts cir­cled like vul­tures. In 2010 he was shoved back into the lime­light as his per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life burst into flames. To­day the gifted nat­u­ral footer is back on firmer ground and is hap­pier and more to­gether than dur­ing his nine years as a well­paid, high-pro­file Dream Tour surfer.

Mor­ri­son's lap through hell be­gan in July 2010 when he awoke in hospi­tal with a frac­tured cheek­bone and eye socket. King hit from be­hind at the Coolan­gatta Sands Tav­ern, he was lucky to be alive. Mor­ri­son had started the tour year badly and was in des­per­ate need of a good re­sult. Com­pound­ing the pres­sure, the ASP were tri­alling a mid-year elim­i­na­tion for­mat so by the time the tour hit Tahiti it was do or die. The dream he'd been chas­ing since he was nine years old was sud­denly in se­ri­ous doubt. He needed to get through one heat, against Ti­ago Pires, and things would have been very dif­fer­ent but it didn't hap­pen. The siren sounded. Dean Mor­ri­son was gone.

Know­ing he would be hurt­ing and keen to get away from it all good mate Koby Ab­ber­ton or­gan­ised a trip to Bali. Two days into the hol­i­day Dean took a call from his wife say­ing she was leav­ing him for some­one else. Around this time his spon­sors be­gan pulling back, go­ing broke or in­vest­ing their money else­where. His life was un­rav­el­ling at a gid­dy­ing pace. Then his beloved dog Ike died.

"2010 was fucked," says long-time friend Si­mon "Shagga" Saf­figna. "It was just one thing af­ter an-

Dean Mor­ri­son has never been more fo­cused. || joli

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