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Al­though Dave Scard had known Al Byrne and rid­den his boards for over 15 years they be­came par­tic­u­larly tight in the last few years of Al's life. Along­side Al's son, Jamie, and Dale Wil­son, Dave had been work­ing closely with Al to de­velop a range of boards based around what Scardy had been rid­ing.

Scardy's con­nec­tion to AB and his boards was ob­vi­ously close. On the first pro­to­type of the range – a 7'2" – Scardy fa­mously pad­dled into the colos­sal left at Cloudbreak that earned him 2nd place for Ride of The Year in the 2011 Bil­l­abong XXL awards.

Re­al­is­ing that there would come a time when Al would no longer be able to hand shape, Dale, Dave and Jamie had en­cour­aged him to de­velop mod­els which could be recre­ated by ma­chine. Al re­sisted ini­tially be­cause of his pas­sion for hand shap­ing but for­tu­nately for all surfers he even­tu­ally de­cided to put some of his price­less knowl­edge in a form that was trans­fer­able.

"The hand and the eye," that was AB, re­flects Scardy. "We're just so lucky that he got to where he did … he left us the blue­print to carry on his legacy."

With the help of Dale and Jamie, Dave is de­ter­mined to en­sure that Al's Byrn­ing Spears are still used to slay waves in the best line­ups around the world.

"It's not re­ally a mar­ket­ing thing for us, we just want to keep rid­ing his boards and ev­ery­one else does to," in­sists Scardy. "If any­one else jumps on them great – but we're not go­ing to shove them down any­one's throat, we just want to keep it alive."

Alan's wife Jayne also wanted to keep the spirit of AB liv­ing by having his ashes spread at all of his favourite surf breaks around the world. So far his em­bers have been dis­persed in Hawaii, Kal­barri, the Mentawais and G-land. Scardy was en­trusted with the G-land cer­e­mony, which is pic­tured on the left.

Scardy shared the re­spon­si­bil­ity with Sasha Stocker and for­tu­nately there hap­pened to be a pho­tog­ra­pher on hand to cap­ture the mo­ment. "It was pretty cool," sug­gested Scardy, "I man­aged to get my wave, spread the ashes and get out in­tact but Sasha was on the wave be­fore me and he got ab­so­lutely smoked. He wasn't rid­ing an AB, so AB was def­i­nitely look­ing over us go­ing, 'fuck you, you're not on an AB, you should just beat it'." (chuck­les down the phone line).

When asked to sum his mem­o­ries of Al, Scardy choked up. “AB was such a guru, an enig­matic per­son whose driv­ing force ev­ery day was – ‘where am I go­ing to get bar­relled next? The next swell, the next board?’ He lived and breathed it for REAL.

He was a liv­ing leg­end … and now he's just a leg­end."

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