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Th­ese days the old say­ing ‘watch your pen­nies’ has taken on new mean­ing. Es­pe­cially when you travel. Those dirty rot­ten surf trip ru­in­ing cy­ber crims have taken things to new lev­els re­cently. Gone are the days of a swift pick­pocket, now crims can get you sim­ply by stand­ing be­side you. Util­is­ing RFID tech­nol­ogy, the same thing now com­monly used in credit cards and Aus­tralian pass­ports, iden­tity thieves can now carry a small RFID reader in their pock­ets and lift your credit card or pass­port info while it sits your pocket. That’s where the new MF Rip Curl wal­let comes in. It’s equipped with RFID Protech, ren­der­ing their scanners use­less and al­low­ing you to get on with en­joy­ing your trip – a wor­thy in­vest­ment. RIPCURL.COM.AU

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