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How many world ti­tles has he won? What is it now…23? (Laughs) I am younger than Kelly, I am just 41 and he’s what…43? But Kelly con­tin­ues to bog­gle my mind. That he is… …maybe…well…that he is so pas­sion­ate. He is very pas­sion­ate about, you know…com­pe­ti­tion and be­ing com­pet­i­tive…And he al­ways has been. From the get go. I am sure you are well aware of it…I hope we all are by now. (Big smiles). And it wasn’t just his sur ng… you ask any­one and it was like… Hey, how many laps can you swim in the ho­tel pool un­der­wa­ter? Kelly would go un­til he passed out or won, in that or­der. You know? Ping pong was war. It was on! En­ter the com­pe­ti­tion el­e­ment with Kelly and it was like see­ing a dif­fer­ent hu­man. And I like… have… I see… I mean… I un­der­stand be­cause I once had a lit­tle of that in me as well. You have to, to be a com­pet­i­tive surfer. He just has it on a dif­fer­ent plane of ex­is­tence. His is on a DNA level. I think he has proven that to the world, like…11 times now.

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