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Wow…they shred th­ese days. The level is so high. It’s just so cool. I think what is so cool is that at any given mo­ment they all have th­ese are-ups…and it seems to al­ways be a see-saw­ing battle through­out the year. To me…their ti­tle race last year was way more ex­cit­ing than the men’s (Laughs). And they get per­fect Honolua Bay at the end of it all? What could be bet­ter? I have al­ways been a fan of women’s sur ng. Even look­ing back at the 70s. Margo Oberg, Rell Sunn…they were in­cred­i­ble. They surfed with such grace and poise… and then Lisa An­der­son…it’s been great to see all that con­tinue. The fe­male side of it. And now, there is ob­vi­ously a beauty to it…but they get rad. They don’t hold back. They charge heavy P-Pass! If I see any of them out, some­times I don’t even pad­dle out. I just watch. Fe­male sur ng has de nitely had an in uence on my ap­proach to waves. That grace. And the use of power. The ow rather than the ght.

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