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Some peo­ple view the new ex­treme sport of surf-stunts as bor­der­line sac­ri­le­gious. For them, the mid-wave py­rotech­nic ex­plo­sions and whin­ing mo­tor­cy­cle en­gines are at odds with surf­ing’s con­nec­tion to the nat­u­ral world. Mean­while, oth­ers can’t get enough of the Surf­s­ploita­tion crazi­ness. 2WS Ra­dio host, Jonesy, re­cently told Teahupoo’s two-wheel hell-man, Rob­bie Mad­di­son, that his ride at Chopes was, “The great­est thing I've ever seen in my life.” Jonesy ob­vi­ously has no ap­pre­ci­a­tion for Nathan Florence's re­cent Teahupoo pad­dle-in wave (Check it out on Tracks­mag.com if you haven't seen it yet.) Whether you are a fan or a staunch op­po­nent of the salt­wa­ter stunt craze, it’s in­ter­est­ing to pon­der where it will all lead to. Are we go­ing to see a para­chute drop into a take-off at Jaws? A tow-in at Ours be­hind one of the freighters that regularly pass by? Or a hov­er­board in the bar­rel? The mind bog­gles with the pos­si­bil­i­ties. Un­for­tu­nately these stunt­men, no mat­ter what they come up with, are for­ever des­tined to play sec­ond fid­dle to Mick Fan­ning, be­cause no one is ever go­ing to stage a tele­vised fight with a Great White. Good luck top­ping that one…

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