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I rst laid eyes on an asym­met­ri­cal craft un­der­foot of Ryan Burch. It was a clip of the rub­ber-limbed, Cal­i­for­nian goofy-footer danc­ing down the line at Desert Point and G-Land in a re­fresh­ing dis­play of self-ex­pres­sion. Cu­ri­ous, I delved into his In­sta­gram feed to dis­cover he had been cook­ing up shapes like this for a while and a small tribe of his dis­ci­ples had been road test­ing his crafts all around the globe.

One such fel­low is An­gourie’s Bryce Young, son of Nat. Bryce is a solid 6’3, nat­u­ral footer who oozes a groovy vibe from yes­ter­year. I no­ticed Bryce on the North Shore last win­ter, posted up at Rocky Point with a gag­gle of surfers with sim­i­lar foam fetishes. They lined the fore­shore with pho­tog­ra­phers, lmers and cool look­ing hip­sters rock­ing the best of the worst 90s fash­ion. It was ground zero for high per­for­mance sur ng, a world away from the machismo-driven peck­ing or­der of Pipe­line.

I watched Bryce steer his 5’10 asym­met­ri­cal, Burch shape into some of the most rampy look­ing bowls, sling­ing his body into turns, rif ng hard off the top, dis­plac­ing chunks of Paci c and play­ing a game of cat and mouse be­hind blue cur­tains with ef­fort­less style and grace. Al­though this frame is from win­ter in Aus and not Hawaii, it con rms he’s happy to take the asym­met­ri­cal act into ul­tra heavy sit­u­a­tions.

Ear­lier in the year Young re­vealed how he got the bug for in­con­gru­ous shapes.

“Be­fore I met Ryan [Burch] I was rid­ing stock stan­dard thrusters and still en­joy­ing other equip­ment. But af­ter watch­ing him [Ryan Burch] surf an asym­met­ri­cal craft at Desert Point and see­ing guys get blown up by a sec­tion that no one could make while he’d be bot­tom turn­ing on that sec­tion straight up into the pocket and jam­ming… it was a real eye opener.”

Con­tin­u­ing his ra­tio­nale for rid­ing the unique look­ing craft Bryce stated, “I want to go to the places that give you the feel­ings of free­dom, ex­pres­sion and lim­it­less pos­si­bil­i­ties. Rid­ing the boards that I’ve been on lately has com­pletely changed my out­look and my world re­ally. For me I’ve never ever felt bet­ter on a board, ”.

Like his fa­ther be­fore him, it ap­pears Bryce is ex­plor­ing ev­ery av­enue of the sur ng spec­trum and blow­ing minds along the way.

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