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Do you re­mem­ber Cape Solan­der aka Ours aka Cape Fear aka Piker’s Hole? Well, if all you’d had to go off were the pages of surf mags over the last few years, you’d be for­given for be­ing a lit­tle foggy. The wave it seems has been lan­guish­ing in some­what of a print me­dia ex­ile* and we thought it about time to bring it back.

Un­til the day pic­tured above, Spence Hornby had also been in ex­ile, but from the ocean in gen­eral. The Cen­tral Coast pho­tog – one of the best to shoot Cape Solan­der from the wa­ter – ex­plains.

“I hadn’t shot surf in nearly a full year. I just woke up one day and felt so over it for no rea­son at all, and I re­mem­ber be­ing baf­fled by it.”

“Even­tu­ally, when deep down you’re com­pletely ob­sessed with some­thing, you’ll track your way back to it,” rea­sons Spence. “The rat is al­ways gonna find the cheese!”

Perth Stan­dlick, the surfer buried deep in Spence’s shot also shares a healthy ob­ses­sion with Cape Solan­der.

“For me, surf­ing out there is like the feel­ing of learn­ing again or your first bar­rel,” ex­plains Perth. “The emo­tion that you get from ev­ery ses­sion out there is al­ways huge.”

Perth’s ded­i­ca­tion to the wave also sees him on the Cape Fear in­vite list should the event get called on this year.

“I couldn’t be more ex­cited to be in the event, are you kidding me? To get a chance at win­ning 20k by surf­ing my favourite wave – Um­m­mmm yes please!”

*Yes, we are aware of the 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear event, the im­ages of those heart-stop­ping brown beasts be­ing slayed by the bravest of hu­mans are for­ever burnt into the reti­nas of every­one who glanced upon them. This is an ex­cep­tion and as such will be ex­cluded from the ar­gu­ment.

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