GHERKIN - 5’0 X 20 1/4 X 2 1/2 – 28.7L

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Shaper’s com­ments

The Gherkin is a speedy lit­tle craft. It’s short and wide, and the rocker is su­per flat. The huge crown tail pro­vides hold and speed through the turns. Use a quad fin set up for high-line runs and to project longer lines when re­quired. The Gherkin can be surfed su­per short and will thrive on sum­mer ses­sions that usu­ally send you troppo.

First Im­pres­sions

The DMS looked like a space­ship! The thing was crazy. It just blew my mind, it was so weird. It looked like a lit­tle skate­board. I can imag­ine surf­ing it at a lit­tle back beach, northerly cor­ner. So much stood out on this board – the car­bon wrap, the bat tail and it was su­per light. It looks like it’ll be su­per fun.

Tester’s com­ments

The DMS Gherkin looked like a fun sum­mer board. When I first picked it up I was trip­ping on all the unique things about it. It was some­thing that I don’t nor­mally ride, but it ac­tu­ally went re­ally well. I rode it at a 2 foot beachie with rights and lefts and it went in­sane. It was good for turns and airs, and was sur­pris­ingly a good all-round board. For how short it is there’s a lot of vol­ume packed in it and be­ing so wide it pad­dled like a dream, which was nice. It felt like a skate­board and you could throw it around. I was gen­uinely sur­prised how good it was through turns. I can see it be­ing a su­per fun sum­mer board; good for punts. It has this su­per wide bat-tail and the flat rocker makes it go su­per fast. I’ve never rid­den a bat-tail but it felt great and might have helped it drive through turns.

Chippa find­ing some sum­mer lovin’ with the DMS Gherkin.

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