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With Chippa Wil­son

Two boards come to mind when I think back to my first board. The first one I got was from Rob­bie John­son, a surfer from back in the day. He was spon­sored by Rip Curl and a good fam­ily friend. He snapped it in half and my old man put it back to­gether. I was down in the shed watch­ing him and I was blown away. It was bro­ken in two and he put it back to­gether and the next morn­ing it was all fixed. He sanded it and off I went and shred­ded. But it was a 6’5” and I was prob­a­bly three foot tall.

My first real board was a Venom surf­board, and it was maybe 5’0” or 4’9”. It was blue with aqua flames on it and so trippy [laughs]. It was a full 80s board. That was the best board I ever had. I wish I still had it. There’s some­thing about get­ting a board your size when you’re four foot. It’s the best thing on earth and it feels like a lit­tle skate­board.

Me and my lit­tle brother Nathan got them on Christmas morn­ing. His was or­ange, with flames on it too. We walked down stairs and were like, ‘Holy smokes two new boards!’ We were blown away. Within half an hour of get­ting them we were al­ready run­ning down the track to the point and go­ing for a surf. I was so hyped. You couldn’t have got me out there quicker. Get­ting a tiny board like that and be­ing able to ac­tu­ally do turns and maybe a cut­back was fuck­ing cool [laughs].

With Wade Goodall

I pretty much rode $75 boards and Dad’s boards un­til I was 10. I re­mem­ber hav­ing a big turnover of the cheap­est boards you could buy in the sec­ond-hand rack. Any­where we’d go we’d find one and it would al­ways be a piece of crap. They’d die pretty quickly and I re­mem­ber go­ing through a few of them. Then I got my first ever cus­tom surf­board.

I pretty much asked this dude around the cor­ner if I could be spon­sored by him. Greg Scar­lett was his name. He had this brand called ‘Filthy Surf Co.’ and I thought it was so cool. He made it out of his garage [laughs]. He spon­sored me then in­tro­duced me to this surf shop in Ma­roochy­dore called XL run by Rob­bie Sher­well. Those guys got me onto a cus­tom surf­board from Mur­ray Bour­ton, which had a blue fade with a red XL logo on it and I just re­mem­ber freak­ing out that I had a five foot surf­board with my name on it.

I re­mem­ber I got full deck grip on it. I was hell stoked be­cause I only had to use half of the front pad be­cause my board was so lit­tle, so I cut in half and on my next board I used the other half [laughs]. So my first two boards were front-deck­ies. It was ‘Get A Grip’ and that brand was so core. They were from New Zealand. All the new grip com­pa­nies that are mak­ing the thin cor­duroy stuff, those guys were the orig­i­na­tors of that style.

That’s when I was first into surf­ing and start­ing to surf a lit­tle bit bet­ter. I started do­ing board­rid­ers on those lit­tle boards. I was get­ting su­per hooked and the boards were ac­tu­ally my size. I got one a year over two years. It was a huge deal for me be­cause I had only been get­ting $75 beat­ers. I thought it was so cool too, be­cause I was spon­sored by a surf shop. I was al­ways in there sweep­ing the floor just to say thanks, like a reg­u­lar stoked out lit­tle grom.

Chippa Wil­son and Wade Goodall, the Test-Pi­lots for the 2017 Tracks Ride Guide.

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