STUB FEEDER - 5’8 X 18 ¾ X 2 5/16 - 25.74L

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Shaper’s com­ments

The Stub Feeder has evolved from my very suc­cess­ful Bot­tom Feeder model. As boards got shorter they got wider and flat­ter and that is how the Stub­bie evolved. The low nose rocker is sup­ple­mented with ex­cess tail rocker to keep a rel­a­tively flat board lively. It fea­tures a deep sin­gle through the guts, mor­ph­ing into a sin­gle dou­ble ex­it­ing out the tail. Pri­mar­ily the Stubby’s pur­pose is to per­form high end ma­noeu­vres in small pow­er­less surf. The ad­di­tion of quad trail­ers is for when you get caught out with a swell in­crease or the waves are unexpectedly su­per hol­low and fast.

First Im­pres­sions

My first two cus­tom surf­boards ever were from Mur­ray Bour­ton. I haven’t rid­den one since I was 10, which is pretty cool. This one is def­i­nitely big­ger [laughs]. It’s got a nice con­cave and is sim­i­lar to what I ride with the bot­tom curve. It’s wider up front and I think it’ll be re­ally drivey.

Tester’s com­ments

I rode the Stub Feeder in some peaky beachies and it sur­prised me. It had a lit­tle bit more weight to it, and when I first picked it up felt chunky and big­ger than a 5’8”. It’s got a fair bit of vol­ume car­ried to the rails but sur­pris­ingly it had a lot of squirt. You didn’t have to give it too much and it would be pro­pel­ling, which is funny be­cause it doesn’t re­ally look like that kind of board. It has some­thing in it that’s the best of both worlds. It’s a strong short­board which is nice and thick, easy to pad­dle but also has that lit­tle bit of loose­ness to it too. I think for some­one on the big­ger side this model would be re­ally good. It’s got a full enough rail to get mov­ing in the wa­ter and catch a lot of waves but still has that abil­ity for you to flex your big toe and it’ll do some­thing as it’s also a lit­tle bit lively. It’s a zippy board and not re­ally pi­geon­holed into any type of surf­ing. It’ll get speed to do what you want.

Wade found the Bour­ton to be a sur­prise pack­age.

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