PB Cus­tom

DEUCE GIGOLO - 5’7 X 18.7 X 2.2 – 25L

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Shaper’s com­ments

Born in the Bronx, Paolo started shap­ing soon after his fam­ily moved to Long Is­land. His love for surf­ing and board de­sign led him to pur­sue sev­eral in­tense years of ap­pren­tice­ship in San Cle­mente’s “Surf Ghetto” learn­ing from Cole Silmer, Hamish Gra­ham and Timmy Pat­ter­son. Since mov­ing to Aus­tralia Paolo has shaped for Luke Short, Greg Web­ber, Chris Chris­ten­son and Chan­nel Is­lands. The Deuce Gigolo is not a fish. It’s de­signed for qual­ity waves with some ver­ti­cal in the face and a bit of ground in the swell. With the wide point slightly for­ward and a bal­anced foil, this board will pad­dle well, pro­vide high line speed, sim­plify bar­rel rides and make ef­fort­less turns with more hold than you would ex­pect from a twin fin.

First Im­pres­sions

It’s su­per light and it’s got this in­ter­est­ing edge bot­tom and I’ve never rid­den or seen a board like it. I have no idea how it’s go­ing to feel, but I could see it go­ing well in some pits. I’m su­per stoked to try it out.

Tester’s com­ments

The PB Cus­tom had an in­ter­est­ing twin fin out­line. I rode it in 2 foot, peaky, beach­breaks and it was re­ally fun. There were a lot of flat spots out there and the board was fly­ing through them and re­leas­ing nicely through turns. The board was su­per fast and no mat­ter where I was on the wave I was fly­ing. I could just stand there and not even have to try to gen­er­ate speed and that’s a good qual­ity to have in any board. It re­leased nicely off the top, you could do finners, carves, and I even tried a cou­ple of airs on it and it felt good, which is sur­pris­ing for a board of that shape. The waves were pretty small when I rode it and I think it could be an in­sane board if it the swell was a bit big­ger. This is the first board I’ve rid­den with an edge bot­tom too, and to me it felt in­sane go­ing rail to rail – it didn’t catch. I think this board caters for some­one who wants a twin fin with a throw­back out­line, but also wants to shred.

It was all about speed for Chippa and the PB.

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