VOY­AGER 1 - 5’10 X 18 ¾ X 2 5/16 - 26.1L

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Shaper’s com­ments

For the 2017 World Tour John John Florence knew that he wanted to im­prove ev­ery as­pect of his surf­ing so we started work­ing on a new board that would help him in the smaller/weaker wave end of per­for­mance. He wanted it to work in good surf, but carry more speed and flow when the waves were weaker and less curvy. After a lot of test­ing and fine-tun­ing we ended up with the board that had all the right in­gre­di­ents. If you are look­ing for all the best el­e­ments of high per­for­mance surf­ing in ev­ery­day surf con­di­tions and all kinds of waves, Voy­ager 1 is the board for you. (Com­ments by Jon Pyzel)

First Im­pres­sions

It feels like a re­ally good size for me. It’s cool to ride a Pyzel, there’s a lot of talk about his boards. He’s blown up be­cause of John John blow­ing up and his de­signs look like they work re­ally well. When you see some­one surf­ing like John does, you ob­vi­ously want to try them. I feel like I would ride this in good waves like a 3-4 foot beachie.

Tester’s com­ments

The Pyzel Voy­ager was a cool one to try. It was big and had a lit­tle bit more weight and did ev­ery­thing you re­ally wanted it to do and noth­ing ex­tra. It was re­ally re­li­able and a very pre­dictable board, which was a pos­i­tive. It went well off the bot­tom and off the top ev­ery surf and was such a good short­board. It didn’t have any crazy mood or at­tributes it just went where you wanted it to. It felt re­ally strong too. I usu­ally put a fair few de­pres­sions in a board, even in one surf, and that board held up bet­ter than any other one I tested. When you’re pur­chas­ing a surf­board you want it to last, to keep you go­ing and it felt re­ally durable. I think it would go re­ally well in some good solid waves. It’d be a nice board for some tubes, from small slabs to Kirra where you want the weave of a short­board, but some­thing to get into them eas­ier. It’s a short­board that will def­i­nitely han­dle a bit more juice. I think an in­ter­me­di­ate to ad­vanced surfer would re­ally get the most out of this board.

No fancy bells or whis­tles, just pure per­for­mance from the Pyzel.

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