Slater De­signs

GAMMA - 5’6 X 18 1/8 X 2 ¼ – 23.3L

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Shaper’s com­ments

With a sin­gle con­cave bot­tom and slight vee be­hind the back fin, this board is ex­tremely fast and drivey. The vee out the back makes for quick rail to rail tran­si­tions. Within the high per­for­mance short-board range this would be con­sid­ered a medium rocker with a medium to slightly pinched rail. The dis­tinct hip on the Gamma gives it a tighter turn­ing ra­dius al­low­ing it to be rid­den in a shorter wider set of di­men­sions as well as the com­mon per­for­mance short­board dim’s. This board ex­cels in a broad range of waves and con­di­tions.

First Im­pres­sions

Wow! the Slater De­signs feels so light and skinny. It’s pretty sim­i­lar to my nor­mal shape with a squash-tail. It’s so light and I think it’d be good for airs and go well in choppy surf.

Tester’s com­ments

I was su­per ex­cited when I picked up the Gamma be­cause it was unique. It’s got no stringer, it’s an epoxy and the tail has a slight hip that pulls into a tight squash-tail. I rode it in 3 ft, wedgy beach breaks and it was re­ally fun. It was su­per re­spon­sive; it felt like I could put the board any­where on the wave and it would work. It was a blast. What I liked most about it, and this is hard to find in boards for me, is that you could put it any­where. I could do a tight back­side snap and then drive down the line and do an air. Whereas some boards you want that drive, and to get it you have to give up that re­spon­sive feel. This board just had it all. It could have been the flyer hip in the bot­tom, which you can vaguely see, or it could just be be­cause it was epoxy and su­per flingy. Over­all it had a whole lot of spark and I was hyped. It had all the right in­gre­di­ents and was a great all-rounder that was su­per fun to ride.

Chippa lets the tail sing on the Gamma!

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