THE MAGIC MIX - 5’6 X 19 ¼ X 2 5/16 – 25.5L

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Shaper’s com­ments

I started work­ing for DHD when I was 17-years-old. At the time, JS was un­der the same roof, so they were my main in­flu­ences when I first started shap­ing. I was also lucky enough to learn a thing or two from Si­mon An­der­son dur­ing my time with Base. Aptly named, The Magic Mix, this de­sign is a blend of all the magic el­e­ments that go into some of our most pop­u­lar boards. Su­per ver­sa­tile, The Magic Mix ex­cels in surf from knee-high to over­head, and burg­ers to bar­rels. De­vel­oped in Coolan­gatta, Aus­tralia and tested through­out the world, The Magic Mix is sure to be your day-to-day go to surf­board.

First Im­pres­sions

The Magic Mix looks like a nor­mal, high per­for­mance short­board. I nor­mally ride be­tween a 5’6 and 5’7 and the di­men­sions are spot on. It has quite a flat rocker and as a thruster with a squash tail that’s just a recipe for a fun, whippy, high-tech board.

Tester’s com­ments

The Magic Mix was an­other good, high per­for­mance short­board. I rode this board in 2 foot, wedgy peaks and it was fun. Even though the waves were tiny I could tell the board would go re­ally well in four foot, su­per windy, solid ramps. When I did go to the air and try a spin it worked quite well. It’d be in­ter­est­ing to try it in that stuff, I dare say it would go in­sane. It feels like a trick board to me. The flat­ter rocker helped it ac­cel­er­ate off the mark and through­out a bot­tom hand turn and then into the air. It’s fast, su­per whippy and a great board to go to the air on.

Chippa was im­pressed with the flight ca­pa­bil­i­ties of the Su­per. Photo: Swilly.

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