THE MAGIC MIX - 5’7 X 19 3/8 X 2 5/16 – 26.5L

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Shaper’s com­ments

I started work­ing for DHD when I was 17-years old. At the time, JS was un­der the same roof, so they were my main in­flu­ences when I first started shap­ing. I was also lucky enough to learn a thing or two from Si­mon An­der­son dur­ing my time with Base. Aptly named, The Magic Mix is a blend of all the magic el­e­ments that go into some of our most pop­u­lar boards. Su­per ver­sa­tile, The Magic Mix ex­cels in surf from knee high to over­head, and rides well in burg­ers and bar­rels. De­vel­oped in Coolan­gatta, Aus­tralia and tested through­out the world, the Magic Mix is sure to be your day-to-day go to surf­board.

First Im­pres­sions

The di­men­sions of the Spar­row are re­ally suited for me and it feels re­ally good un­der the arm and well bal­anced with the weight. All those signs make you re­ally ex­cited about a board. I’m ex­cited to ride it be­cause it was shaped by Spar­row who I rode boards for when I was lit­tle.

Tester’s com­ments

I rode the Magic Mix in small, 2 foot beachies and it was re­ally lively and su­per quick. It was ex­tremely whippy off the top too, to the point where it was so easy to blow it out that you could tone it down a bit and still get good re­lease. I thought it would be such a good board for some­one who wanted to start turn­ing quicker and more freely than they have been. It re­leases when try­ing to do some fun stuff with­out hav­ing to try as hard. Some­one that surfs well would ap­pre­ci­ate this board and have a lot of fun in a va­ri­ety of con­di­tions. I think it’s a good four-foot and un­der board just be­cause of all the re­lease, and in smaller stuff you’d be hav­ing fun.

Wade had no dra­mas with the quick re­lease of the Su­per.

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