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It’s a sad fact that in the cur­rent surf­ing cli­mate we sim­ply don’t get to see enough of the tour surfers do­ing their thing out­side the con­fines of com­pe­ti­tion. They don’t drop web ed­its; they don’t have to. Their spon­sor­ship KPI’s are all geared to­ward per­form­ing on surf­ing’s elite world tour, not achiev­ing ex­po­sure on measly surf sites. The tra­di­tional surf me­dia isn’t on their radar like it once was, and fea­ture length surf movies are dy­ing a slow death. Their whole world is wrapped up in the WSL ban­ner, and it seems the only way we get to see our beloved best do­ing their thing is in 30 minute win­dows of com­pe­ti­tion, set to the com­mer­cial drone of Joe Turpel and ’89 world champ Martin Pot­ter. Surf­ing within the con­fines of a sin­glet, mo­ti­vated purely by a de­sire to wear it again in the next round. But what a beau­ti­ful sight it is to see them set free. Surf­ing with­out shack­les. The only strat­egy in mind to de­stroy the liq­uid can­vas laid out be­fore them. We thought we’d de­vote the fol­low­ing pages to just that. A full fea­ture of the world’s best, sans sin­glets and slay­ing through­out 2018. We reached out to three men who are priv­i­leged enough to wit­ness this more than most, pho­tog­ra­phers Peter ‘Bosko’ Boskovic, Ryan Miler and Trevor Mo­ran, and asked them to sup­ply their favourite im­ages from this year’s free surf­ing ses­sions in and around the tour.

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