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Tracks - - Fix - Mark Ochiluppo, BHP Steele In­ter­na­tional – 1986. Photo: Tony Nolan

In the mid-80s the ri­valry be­tween Occy and Tom Cur­ren was surf­ing’s equiv­a­lent to McEn­roe Vs Borg in the ten­nis. Occy was the brash, un­tamed tal­ent who could bend through a turn with a unique artistry, while Cur­ren was the fluid, but un­der­stated mae­stro. They were fa­mously eight wins each in their head to head bat­tles. Occy pic­tured here af­ter vic­tory in the fi­nal over Cur­ren at the 1986 BHP Steele event at New­cas­tle. Note the wind-whipped mane, the pres­ence of Coke as a co-spon­sor, the sleeve­less con­test sin­glet and Occy’s mus­cle-ripped frame.

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