Mark Foster’s 3 key tips for im­prov­ing swim­ming

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1 Fo­cus on tech­nique

Tech­nique is ev­ery­thing. Ev­ery­one has their own in­di­vid­ual style, but it’s not about plough­ing up and down, it’s about how much wa­ter you can hold with each stroke. The more you prac­tise, the bet­ter you’ll get.

2 Lay out a plan

Make it re­al­is­tic. Aim for three times a week, but if you can only man­age one or two ses­sions a week, then that’s fine: some­thing is cer­tainly bet­ter than noth­ing. Then, build from there.

3 Go out­side your com­fort zone

Like in life, we like do­ing things we’re good at, be­cause we’re good at them. We ig­nore the things we don’t like be­cause we’re not good at them. Flip it on its head, be­cause you’re much more likely to im­prove more at some­thing you’re not so good at.

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