“I found triathlon a way of eas­ing the sad­ness and pain I was feel­ing”

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the full- dis­tance Bas­tion in 16 hours and 48 min­utes.

“I got into triathlon as I found it was a way of deal­ing with ev­ery­thing,” says David. “When I swim a big swim, I block out ev­ery­thing around me, I don’t even know where I am and I think about my boy as I swim. In the wa­ter I can fo­cus on my boy and I find that helps me get through the most dif­fi­cult part of train­ing.”

The train­ing also helps David get through dif­fi­cult days, such as Nathan’s birth­day or the anniversary of his death.

“I’ll never work on my boy’s birth­day or the day he passed away,” says David. “On his birth­day this year, I went for a swim in the river. It was nice to be by my­self and have my thoughts of Nathan. It was good train­ing but also that time to get away.

“On days like birth­days or Christ­mas time, I need to go and get away from ev­ery­one to fo­cus on my thoughts and then I can come back and get on with my day.”

In 2017, David plans to stick to half dis­tance triathlons with Holkham Hall as his A-race.

“I pre­fer that dis­tance,” he ex­plains. “Iron­man train­ing takes up such a huge amount of time and it’s not fair on my wife Tracy. She said she doesn’t care how many half Iron­mans I do, but no more Iron­man!

“I don’t know if I’d have got into triathlon if Nathan hadn’t have died. I like to think I’d have done a triathlon but I wouldn’t have done an Iron­man nec­es­sar­ily. I hope he’d be im­pressed. I’ll keep do­ing it as long as I en­joy it.”

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