Katie’s de­vi­ous ques­tion­ing leads Ridge to tell Thomas that Dou­glas is his child. But no one ex­pects the shock­ing re­ac­tion

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Katie’s quizzing leads Ridge to tell Thomas that Dou­glas is his child — and his re­ac­tion is shock­ing. Plus, St­effy de­cides be­tween Liam and Wy­att, on The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful.

Ridge be­comes testy when Katie once again shows up at his of­fice with­out in­vi­ta­tion. When Katie ex­presses con­cern about Dou­glas, Ridge orders her to drop the sub­ject, say­ing the sub­ject of his son is no longer open for dis­cus­sion.

How­ever, Katie points out that the me­dia is re­port­ing new de­tails on Dr Wolin’s death that Ridge should pay care­ful at­ten­tion to.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in­sists that there’s noth­ing about the doc­tor’s tragic demise that he needs to con­sider but Katie (Heather Tom) re­veals that Dr Wolin’s (Mark Da­mon Espinoza) nan­cial prob­lems as well as sub­stance abuse is­sues have been ex­posed in the news. Still, Ridge ap­pears to be un­in­ter­ested as he shrugs off the lat­est al­le­ga­tions.

Katie asks if Dr Wolin ac­tu­ally pre­sented his black­mail de­mand to Ridge and he an­swers that the des­per­ate doc­tor wanted $100,000 to be de­liv­ered to him within 24 hours of their meet­ing.

Ridge re­counts that he re­fused to co-op­er­ate and sim­ply walked away. Katie wor­ries that Dr Wolin may have kept some kind of records that would link him to Ridge — for in­stance, an ap­point­ment book that might list a meet­ing time with his for­mer pa­tient. Katie notes that an in-depth po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tion could un­cover an un­savoury con­nec­tion be­tween the two men. In light of Ridge’s am­bi­gu­ity, Katie asks if he re­solved his ex­tor­tion dilemma with Dr Wolin by push­ing the drunken spe­cial­ist into the path of the on­com­ing truck. Ridge is in­sulted by the in­fer­ence of hav­ing any kind of mur­der­ous im­pulse and vig­or­ously de­nies hav­ing any part in Dr Wolin’s death.

Katie pro­claims her be­lief in Ridge’s in­no­cence but frets that the po­lice might sus­pect foul play if they learn of any con­tention be­tween him and Dr Wolin. Ridge ad­vises Katie to stop need­lessly fo­cus­ing on any trou­ble that doesn’t ex­ist.

Still, Katie won­ders if Dr Wolin had known the true iden­tity of Dou­glas’s fa­ther but Ridge coun­ters that wouldn’t be pos­si­ble since he and Caro­line used an anony­mous sperm donor. Since it’s such a sen­si­tive sub­ject, Ridge re­minds Katie that they want to keep the rest of the fam­ily from nd­ing out.

Mean­while, Thomas (Pier­son Fode) is in an­other of­fice, where

he is de­sign­ing with Caro­line but he keeps nd­ing him­self dis­tracted by Dou­glas who is slum­ber­ing nearby. Thomas pre­dicts that his lit­tle brother will be­come a fa­mous fash­ion de­signer since he has such a fan­tas­tic dad to idolise.

Thomas re­calls that Ridge was a de­voted dad who was a shiny ex­am­ple of hon­esty and in­tegrity. Caro­line swal­lows back her guilt as Thomas hopes that he can be a wor­thy brother for Dou­glas to look up to.

Thomas leaves to show his de­sign to Ridge and a few min­utes later, Katie en­ters with the pre­tence of want­ing to see Dou­glas. As Katie coos over the in­fant, she praises Caro­line for what she en­dured to be­come a mother.

Caro­line is cu­ri­ous about the re­mark and Katie ad­mits that she knows Ridge isn’t the fa­ther of Dou­glas. Caro­line asks why Katie would make such a ridicu­lous dec­la­ra­tion and she ex­plains her en­counter with Dr Wolin and how he blabbed that Ridge is in­ca­pable of fa­ther­ing chil­dren.

As­sum­ing that Katie knows about her one-night mis­take with Thomas, Caro­line gives out enough in­for­ma­tion for Katie to gure out what hap­pened. Be­fore leav­ing, Katie strongly ad­vises Caro­line to tell Thomas the truth.

Katie re­turns to Ridge’s of­fice and blasts him for ly­ing to her. She ex­plains how Caro­line un­wit­tingly con rmed that Dou­glas was Thomas’s son and Ridge begs Katie to not let any­one else know about the pa­ter­nity. Katie prom­ises not to, but pushes Ridge to be hon­est with his son.

Ridge then con­fers with Caro­line, who is up­set that their do­mes­tic bliss is about to be shat­tered. Al­though Ridge in­tends to nally share the truth with his son, he hopes to con­vince Thomas to al­low Dou­glas to stay in the only home he knows. Caro­line fears that her step­son won’t agree to the ar­range­ment but Ridge de­clares that Dou­glas is their child.

Ridge re­turns to his of­fice and sum­mons Thomas. Ridge be­gins the con­ver­sa­tion by stat­ing that he wants to pre­pare Thomas to one day take over the helm of For­rester Cre­ations. Thomas is sur­prised at the dis­play of con dence, as he had felt a dis­tance be­tween him and his fa­ther for quite a while but Ridge hopes that their prob­lem­atic re­la­tion­ship can be re­solved. Af­ter all, he has al­ready for­given Thomas for sleep­ing with Caro­line.

Thomas is stunned that Ridge knows of that in­dis­cre­tion and pro­fusely apol­o­gises for how it hap­pened. Thomas de­fends that he truly be­lieved Caro­line had feel­ings for him. Ridge then points out that Thomas’s huge mis­take had con­se­quences.

Thomas de­duces that Dou­glas is his son and is taken aback by the rev­e­la­tion. Now it makes sense why he feels such a strong bond with his “lit­tle brother”. As Thomas is pro­cess­ing this new re­al­ity, he asks why he was never told the truth in the rst place. Ridge ex­plains that he felt Thomas was reck­less and ir­re­spon­si­ble, and there­fore not ca­pa­ble of rais­ing a child.

Thomas ar­gues that he wants Dou­glas to know who his true fa­ther is but Ridge points out that let­ting the world know about their se­cret now would dam­age For­rester’s rep­u­ta­tion. Ridge urges Thomas not to in­ter­fere with Dou­glas’s life be­cause he has two par­ents that love him very much.

Thomas is in a daze and wants time to think over his fa­ther’s propo­si­tion. Ridge agrees and says he knows that Thomas will make the right de­ci­sion for Dou­glas’s wel­fare.

Thomas stum­bles out of the of­fice and wan­ders back to Caro­line’s suite but nds Pam (Al­ley Mills) alone with Dou­glas. She ex­plains that Caro­line was called down to the of­fice so Pamela is babysit­ting. Thomas smiles that his dad sent him to bring Dou­glas to Ridge, so Pam hands the baby over to him.

When Caro­line re­turns, she right away asks where Dou­glas is and Pam re­veals that Thomas brought the lit­tle charmer to his dad. Caro­line rushes to Ridge’s of­fice and is shocked when she doesn’t see her boy. Ridge af­firms that he never dis­patched Thomas to re­trieve Dou­glas.

Mean­while, Thomas buck­les Dou­glas in his car, then calmly drives off.

Thomas asks why he was never told the truth in the first place.

DE­TEC­TIVE Katie (Heather Tom) works out the truth about the baby and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) isn’t pleased.

Thomas Caro­line

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