A griev­ing, mis­guided Phoebe thinks throw­ing her­self into a new af­fair with Dom is the so­lu­tion to all her woes

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On Home and Away, a griev­ing Phoebe thinks throw­ing her­self into a new af­fair with Dom is the so­lu­tion to all her woes.

Noth­ing is on even ground for Phoebe right now in Sum­mer Bay. Ev­ery way she turns, she is haunted by the trou­bles of her past.

Phoebe (Is­abella Giov­inazzo) is griev­ing the re­cent death of Han­nah (Cassie Howarth) and if that is not mak­ing life dif­fi­cult enough, she can only stand by and watch as her for­mer lover Ash (Ge­orge Ma­son) be­come even more ro­man­ti­cally en­snared with po­lice­woman Kat (Pia Miller).

The fact is Phoebe is lost and alone, and so when she spied pho­tog­ra­pher Dom (Lind­say Far­ris) at Ricky’s wed­ding, sparks flew in all di­rec­tions be­tween the pair.

As sur­vivors of the hor­rific ex­plo­sion, Phoebe and Dom have been strangely drawn to­gether ever since. There is a con­nec­tion there they both feel and it did not take long be­fore they were get­ting pas­sion­ate.

Phoebe has since thrown her­self head first into this new fling, and in do­ing so has also thrown her cares away as she al­lows her­self to fall head over heels in love with the hunky new­comer.

But the truth is, few of her friends are con­vinced this is the best thing for her, wor­ried that she is rush­ing into this new ro­mance in an at­tempt to shut out what have been the most painful months of her life.

In other words, Phoebe is throw­ing her­self into Dom’s arms, com­pletely on the re­bound. This is one af­fair she has not thought through – for a mo­ment.

But Phoebe is con­vinced she needs a dis­trac­tion, and hot-totrot Dom fits the bill per­fectly. He has lit­tle idea of what Phoebe is re­cov­er­ing from and be­lieves Phoebe is look­ing for love as much as he is.

In short suc­ces­sion, she broke up with Ash, the man she was sure was her true love. What has made things even more dif­fi­cult is play­ing wit­ness as the sweet ro­mance be­tween the most un­likely of pairs – Ash and

Kat – has de­vel­oped over re­cent months. This is an af­fair that should never have worked, but any­one who sees Ash and Kat to­gether can tell how good they are for each other.

While she ad­mits she is happy for her ex, deep down in­side, Phoebe’s heart is shat­tered.

Added to the drama in her ex files is that she has also watched hope­lessly as an­other for­mer love, Kyle Braxton (Nic West­away) has been hurtling down his own path of self-de­struc­tion.

And at a time when she needs her best friend Han­nah by her side to talk about what is go­ing on in her life, Han­nah now lies in a grave. The pain of los­ing her is al­most un­ten­able.

So with all of this spin­ning around within her mind, it seems al­most in­com­pre­hen­si­ble that Phoebe is get­ting caught up in a new af­fair. At a time when she needs to be quiet and sort out her life, she sees Dom as her way out of the all-con­sum­ing mess.

While Phoebe has kept a smile on her face ev­ery time she meets up with Dom, deep down in­side, she is barely hold­ing it to­gether – and Dom has no idea.

And yet, it is Phoebe who re­ally has no idea what she is get­ting caught up in with Dom (Lind­say Far­ris). He was not ex­actly hon­est with her about the fact he has a daugh­ter, Bella (Tee­gan Croft), and with­held the truth un­til he was found out.

He was also slow to re­veal that he has not com­pletely sev­ered ties with his ex-wife – the pair only re­cently sep­a­rated and are still not legally di­vorced.

Then when Phoebe met the pre­co­cious Bella, the young girl made it ob­vi­ous she had no time for the new woman in her dad’s life and no in­ten­tion of mak­ing it easy for Phoebe to mus­cle in on their lives.

Fac­tor­ing a 10-year-old child in the equa­tion was never part of Phoebe’s plans, and yet the de­mand­ing Bella is de­ter­mined to be front and cen­tre of any re­la­tion­ship that evolves be­tween her dad and Phoebe.

“I just want things to be sim­ple and what hap­pened to the old days when love was fun and there was not a 10-year-old in the pic­ture?” a lost Phoebe con­fided in a quiet mo­ment in the trusty John Palmer (Shane Withing­ton).

Then in a telling con­fes­sion, Phoebe re­vealed what could be the break­ing point of this new af­fair be­fore it has even be­come se­ri­ous.

“How could this pos­si­bly work?” she said. “I am hope­less with chil­dren.”

But as Phoebe is about to dis­cover, as strong as her new af­fair is, love is some­times not enough to con­quer all. While the at­trac­tion with Dom is red hot, Phoebe is about to learn an im­por­tant les­son about al­low­ing love to take its own course, no mat­ter which way it goes.

There is also an im­por­tant les­son ahead about the value of lis­ten­ing to the warn­ing wis­dom of good friends who have been telling her to slow down and not to be in such a rush to re­bound into a new af­fair. As Phoebe will learn, of­ten, good friends can see things we can’t when caught up in the whirl­wind of love – and Phoebe is cur­rently right in the mid­dle of a storm.

SPARKS Phoebe (Is­abella Giov­inazzo) was in­stantly at­tracted to Dom when they saw each other at Ricky’s wed­ding.

MUCH MISSED Han­nah (Cassie Howarth) was Phoebe’s best friend but now she’s gone and Phoebe misses hav­ing her close.

IN THE DARK Dom (Lind­say Far­ris) is drawn to Phoebe but has no idea about what she’s been through.

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