Love and money

Mariah makes a heart­felt per­sonal con­fes­sion to Kevin, adding that a fi­nan­cial in­cen­tive would sweeten her op­tions, too

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Their sex life may be lack­lus­tre but there’s still a lot of things that Mariah likes about Kevin. He treats her with re­spect for the per­son she is with­out try­ing to change her and his con­stant strad­dling of the bor­der­lines be­tween the law and crime pro­vide her with end­less fas­ci­na­tion and thrills.

Now that Kevin has de­vel­oped an on­line re­la­tion­ship with fel­low cy­ber hacker Natalie Soder­berg, Mariah is bristling with ro­man­tic jeal­ousy, a feel­ing that’s of­ten for­eign to her.

Since learn­ing of Natalie’s ex­is­tence, Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes) has done her best to keep Kevin (Greg Rikaart) dis­tracted but it isn’t work­ing. The enig­matic Ms Soder­berg is tempt­ing Kevin with the of­fer of join­ing her lu­cra­tive busi­ness ven­ture by prof­fer­ing the funds to de­velop a com­puter pro­gram that pre­vents com­puter sys­tems from be­ing hacked.

With Kevin fran­ti­cally strug­gling to raise the cap­i­tal to in­vest, Mariah is at her wits’ end, es­pe­cially when Billy (Burgess Jenk­ins) pumps her for in­for­ma­tion on the busi­ness, des­per­ately want­ing to bol­ster his sag­ging for­tunes now that he’s been os­tracised from Jabot.

Los­ing her tem­per, Mariah hand­cuffs Kevin and rants that Billy has been in­ter­ro­gat­ing her about Kevin’s Swiss-based hacker friend, a woman she be­lieves may be a scam artist who’s try­ing to se­duce Kevin or may not even ex­ist at all.

Un­for­tu­nately, Mariah quickly re­alises she’s talk­ing to a prover­bial brick wall, fi­nally de­cid­ing to join in on Kevin’s scheme, if only to keep an eye on him.

Re­al­is­ing that she has beaten Natalie at her own game, Mariah sug­gests that they should lure Billy into the in­vest­ment but de­mand more cap­i­tal than they need. It’s just a lit­tle cre­ative ac­count­ing that would give them a hefty bank bal­ance, whis­pers an ea­ger Mariah.

Again lured to the dark side, Kevin re­luc­tantly asks Billy for $2 mil­lion in­stead of the $1 mil­lion ac­tu­ally re­quired. Pleased that Billy doesn’t even ques­tion the in­flated fig­ure, Kevin cel­e­brates with Mariah, who is moved by his pas­sion.

Lay­ing her heart on the line, Mariah con­fesses that she’s not mo­ti­vated by money. All she re­ally wants is to be loved. Heart­ened when Kevin says “you al­ready have that”, Mariah clearly hints that she could al­ways put some cash to good use, too.

The cou­ple makes a pact to work on the project to­gether, both won­der­ing if their crim­i­nal ac­tions will be enough of an aphro­disiac for them to forge a strong long-term re­la­tion­ship well into the fu­ture. TVS

DES­PER­ATE Billy (Burgess Jenk­ins) asks Mariah for all the facts about Kevin’s new busi­ness in­ter­ests, long­ing to bol­ster his own sag­ging for­tunes. MASTER­MIND Mariah (Cam­ryn Grimes) talks Kevin into ask­ing Billy for far more money than they need for their lat­est scheme.


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