Com­mon EN­E­MIES

Adam plays dou­ble agent to lure Luca into an al­liance to beat Vic­tor

TV Soap - - Day Time -

Once some­one is en­snared in Vic­tor New­man’s web, there is no easy es­cape route and that’s the un­en­vi­able po­si­tion that Adam now nds him­self in.

Vic­tor knows that Adam is the bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther of Nick and Sage’s son Chris­tian and is hold­ing the in­for­ma­tion over his son’s head to force Adam to ally with him to re­build New­man En­ter­prises. Un­for­tu­nately, Vic­tor’s re­cent busi­ness deal with the no­to­ri­ous San­tori fam­ily is prov­ing to be a nasty stum­bling block.

San­tori fam­ily heir Luca (Miles Gas­ton Vil­lanueva) is over­see­ing the New­man deal and is keep­ing hawk-like watch over Vic­tor’s (Eric Brae­den) ev­ery move. The an­i­mos­ity be­tween Luca and Vic­tor’s grand­son Noah (Robert Adam­son) over Noah’s shat­tered re­la­tion­ship with Luca’s wife Marisa (So a Per­nas) has left Vic­tor set on get­ting re­venge.

Aware of Luca’s sus­pi­cion that he’ll use Noah to de­stroy him, Vic­tor has Noah in­sti­gate a ght with Luca to “prove” that Noah is the weak­est link in the New­man con­glom­er­ate and could eas­ily be cor­rupted as a spy.

With the un­scrupu­lous Luca quickly an­tag­o­nis­ing Vic­tor over busi­ness mat­ters, Vic­tor ma­noeu­vres the next phase of his plan into ac­tion, or­der­ing Adam (Justin Hart­ley) to for­get about com­fort­ing Sage (Kelly Sul­li­van) and to fo­cus on re­pay­ing Vic­tor for si­lence over the pa­ter­nity is­sue. Growl­ing that no­body in­tim­i­dates him, Vic­tor orders Adam to get closer to Luca even if it means risk­ing Marisa’s life or re­sults in Vic­tor go­ing to prison should Luca ex­pose his past deal­ings with Marco.

Sum­mon­ing Luca, Adam warns him that Vic­tor is plan­ning to use Marisa and pos­si­bly en­dan­ger her life to sever his busi­ness agree­ment with the San­toris.

Telling Luca that he’s only work­ing with Vic­tor be­cause he’s black­mail­ing him, Adam takes ad­van­tage of Luca’s vis­i­ble rage to mine his ha­tred for his fa­ther.

They’re soon com­par­ing notes on their mu­tual ha­tred for their over­bear­ing fa­thers en­abling Adam to strike out and sug­gest that he and Luca join forces to oust their fa­thers from the fam­ily busi­nesses. Once they’re gone, Adam and Luca can take con­trol of two of the world’s most pow­er­ful con­glom­er­ates. Tak­ing the bait, Luca de­clares: “To the next gen­er­a­tion of New­mans and San­toris. Out with the old…”

GAME OF TRICK­ERY Adam (Justin Hart­ley) is told by Vic­tor to get closer to Luca, no mat­ter what, and soon that’s what he does.

CON­TROLLER Vic­tor orders Adam to for­get about com­fort­ing Sage and to in­stead re­pay Vic­tor for his si­lence over the pa­ter­nity is­sue. TVS

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