Takes off with baby but rushes to find him. Then Thomas makes a sur­prise de­ci­sion about his son

Thomas Dou­glas Caro­line

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Thomas an­grily coun­ters that Dou­glas is his son. Thomas then de­mands to speak to Caro­line and Ridge hands his phone to her.

Af­ter she begs Thomas to bring Dou­glas home, Thomas in­structs Caro­line to come to the cabin alone and hangs up.

Caro­line ex­plains to Ridge where she is go­ing and he in­sists on com­ing along. But Caro­line im­presses upon her hus­band that this would be a hor­ri­ble idea, since Thomas is feel­ing be­trayed. Ridge re­luc­tantly agrees to stay be­hind.

Caro­line ar­rives at the cabin and is elated and re­lieved to be re­united with her baby. She ad­mon­ishes Thomas for tak­ing Dou­glas and he apol­o­gises, shar­ing with her that he just wanted time alone with his son. Then Thomas asks the ul­ti­mate ques­tion: Why did Caro­line and Ridge cre­ate this cruel lie?

Caro­line ex­plains that they didn’t want any­one to be hurt, and in fact, she and Ridge were try­ing to pro­tect the fam­ily with their fab­ri­ca­tion.

When Thomas scoffs, Caro­line in­sists that she knew Thomas wasn’t ready to be a fa­ther so Ridge made the mag­nan­i­mous of­fer to take over that role. No one was to ever know the truth, Caro­line says. Thomas points out that he does know now and he wants to

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