Of love

Af­ter Ni­cole gives birth, Zende wants to give their re­la­tion­ship an­other try. Then a bomb­shell hits

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By the time Zende ar­rives at the hospi­tal, Ni­cole is in full labour. He dons scrubs and a sur­gi­cal mask, then slips into the de­liv­ery room, where Rick, Maya and Vivi­enne are coach­ing Ni­cole through her painful con­trac­tions.

Even­tu­ally, Ni­cole gives birth to a beau­ti­ful and healthy girl. Rick and Maya wel­come their new daugh­ter and they tear­fully thank Ni­cole for the pre­cious gift she has given them. An emo­tion­ally af­fected Zende sneaks out of the room with­out ever be­ing no­ticed.

Everyone leaves so they can watch the new­born be­ing weighed and bathed. While Ni­cole is rest­ing by her­self, Zende en­ters her room. She is happy to see him and an­nounces that she de­liv­ered a girl. Ni­cole is taken aback when Zende con­fesses that he was present when she gave birth.

Af­ter wit­ness­ing the won­der of a new life be­ing brought into the world, Zende ex­plains that he now knows what a won­der­ful deed Ni­cole did for Rick and Maya. Zende is em­bar­rassed as he pro­claims him­self to be a sel sh fool for not truly un­der­stand­ing the scope of Ni­cole’s gen­eros­ity.

Zende then ad­mits that he has never stopped lov­ing Ni­cole and asks if they can give their re­la­tion­ship an­other try. Over­joyed, she tells him yes and they kiss.

Zende re­turns to the For­rester manse, pre­pared to tell Sasha that he and Ni­cole have rec­on­ciled. Be­fore he can get the words out, Sasha smiles that he left be­fore she could share her happy news.

Zende is aghast when Sasha re­veals that she’s preg­nant! TVS MJUAYN 3103--JJUUNN 1237, 2016

As Liam reels from his or­deal with Quinn, he begs St­effy to come back to him. Then St­effy makes her choice SUR­RO­GATE MUM Ni­cole (Reign Ed­wards) gives birth, with Rick, Maya and Vivi­enne watch­ing on — as is, un­known to her, a tense Zende. Zende

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