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po­lice. Ap­proach­ing Vic­to­ria at the hospi­tal, Noah is about to tell her he hit Billy when Billy goes into car­diac ar­rest and chaos un­folds. Sens­ing that his grand­son is in trou­ble, Vic­tor (Eric Brae­den) drags Noah aside and says “what­ever you were go­ing to say, don’t. It won’t do a damn thing to save him.” How­ever, Noah can’t keep quiet, con­fess­ing his cul­pa­bil­ity to Vic­tor who ad­vises him to stay silent to avoid the dam­ag­ing reper­cus­sions of the in­ci­dent. Re­luc­tantly, Noah agrees for Vic­to­ria’s sake, but warns that Marisa also knows the truth, forc­ing Vic­tor to threaten her to keep her mouth shut. Later, un­der in­struc­tions from Vic­tor, Noah and Marisa de­stroy and re­place the tyres on Noah’s car to erase any of­fend­ing ev­i­dence link­ing Noah to the crime.

De­spite eras­ing the ev­i­dence, Noah re­mains anx­ious about what he’s done, es­pe­cially as Paul and the po­lice dig deeper into the in­ci­dent spec­u­lat­ing that the guilty party may have cov­ered their tracks to avoid ex­po­sure. Noah leans on Marisa and Vic­tor for sup­port but his guilt pul­sates when a sus­pi­cious Luca (Miles Gas­ton Villanueva) corners Marisa and tricks her into re­veal­ing the crime cover-up. He knows he has the am­mu­ni­tion to de­stroy the New­mans but Marisa warns him that if he uses it he’ll lose her for good.

Af­ter Billy’s (now Ja­son Thomp­son) con­di­tion rapidly de­te­ri­o­rates and it ap­pears he won’t sur­vive, Noah breaks down at the thought of be­ing Billy’s killer. He cryp­ti­cally con des in Adam (Justin Hart­ley) about how he coped with hit­ting and killing Delia and ee­ing the scene. Shaken by Adam’s an­swers, Noah goes on a drunken ben­der, self-de­struc­tively de­ter­mined to blot out the night­mare that lies ahead of him. TVS JUN 13-JUN 27, 2016

GUILTY PARTY Noah (Robert Adam­son) wasn’t aware that he ran down Billy, un­til Marisa tells him. Then Vic­tor says he should get rid of any ev­i­dence.



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