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to use his med­i­cal pro­to­cols on Billy.

Her anger at her fam­ily’s re­fusal to con­sider the idea prompts Ash­ley to visit Billy where she cries, “I’m the one who is sup­posed to die, not you.” Over­hear­ing the con­fes­sion, Traci (Beth Mait­land) ques­tions why her el­der sis­ter would say such a thing but Ash­ley quickly cov­ers her tracks.

Soon af­ter, Si­mon also raises eye­brows when he makes cryp­tic com­ments about Ash­ley while per­suad­ing the doc­tors to lis­ten to his treat­ment sug­ges­tions. He suc­cess­fully cov­ers too but Stitch (Sean Car­ri­gan) and Abby (Melissa Ord­way) are left won­der­ing why Ash­ley is such a huge pro­po­nent of Si­mon’s un­eth­i­cal work.

Af­ter the doc­tors and the Ab­bott fam­ily refuse to try Si­mon’s tech­niques, Ash­ley qui­etly com­forts him over his frus­tra­tions, urg­ing him to put his faith in the knowl­edge that his meth­ods will be proven with her. Si­mon starts Ash­ley’s treat­ment as they cling to­gether, hop­ing for the best.

Within days, it ap­pears that the treat­ment is work­ing as Si­mon re­ports the good news that Ash­ley’s blood is ab­sorb­ing the drug treat­ments. De­spite her ex­haus­tion, Ash­ley is pleased for both of them, con dent that Si­mon can cure her.

The treat­ment con­tin­ues with Si­mon at­ten­tively nurs­ing Ash­ley through the cri­sis. He ten­derly tucks her into bed and holds her while she falls asleep. Gen­tly stroking Ash­ley’s hair, Si­mon whis­pers that her mis­sion is to get bet­ter, mak­ing it clear that he’s quickly de­vel­op­ing ro­man­tic feelings for her. TVS

Dr Sandy An­der­son con­tin­ues to walk an in­creas­ingly frag­ile tightrope as she anx­iously main­tains her ma­nip­u­la­tion of Sharon, Nick and Sage to pre­vent them from dis­cov­er­ing that she stole Nick and Sage’s sup­pos­edly dead son Chris­tian to pass him off as Sul­li­van, the new­born baby boy of Sharon and Dy­lan.

De­spite keep­ing her mo­tives for the baby switch a closely guarded se­cret, Dr An­der­son (El­iz­a­beth Bo­gush) isn’t about to give up her psy­cho­log­i­cal hold over Sharon (Sharon Case) even though Sharon has been re­leased from the psy­chi­atric hospi­tal. Vis­it­ing her pa­tient at home, Dr An­der­son in­sists on al­ter­ing Sharon’s med­i­ca­tion regime with the aim of strength­en­ing her in uence over her.

Tak­ing ad­van­tage of Sharon’s edgi­ness about her med­i­ca­tion, Dr An­der­son ques­tions her about her involvement with Sage (Kelly Sul­li­van) and Nick (Joshua Mor­row) and the cou­ple’s on­go­ing mar­i­tal prob­lems in the wake of Chris­tian’s “death”. She’s ea­ger to keep Sharon, Nick and Sage iso­lated from each other and seethes with anger when Sharon re­ports that Sage and Nick are rec­on­cil­ing their prob­lems and have moved back in to­gether.

Sud­denly, Sage ar­rives for a visit, im­me­di­ately sus­pi­cious of Dr An­der­son’s pres­ence and her on­go­ing involvement in Sharon’s per­sonal life. Al­ready un­easy about the doc­tor’s mo­tives fol­low­ing her ef­forts to per­suade Nick to aban­don his mar­riage, Sage ac­cuses Dr An­der­son of per­pe­trat­ing a pro­fes­sional con ict of in­ter­est.

Play­ing on Sage’s dis­tress, Dr An­der­son taunts her about her con­tin­ued in­ter­ac­tion with Sharon’s baby, sug­gest­ing that Sage could have a com­plete break­down if she doesn’t stay away from the baby and take the time to prop­erly grieve her own loss. Aware that Sage is

ALL QUIET Ash­ley (Eileen David­son) wants to keep her ill­ness a se­cret. Billy

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