Sug­gests that could hurt Sharon’s baby

Dr An­der­son Sage

TV Soap - - Day Time -

a highly strung Sage vis­it­ing Sharon and the baby, Dr An­der­son hints that Sage is be­com­ing ob­sessed with the child.

She ham­mers home her point by warn­ing Nick that Sage could be­come a se­ri­ous dan­ger to Sharon’s son un­less Nick does some­thing to stop her.

Dr An­der­son leaves Nick to con­sider her words and it’s clear that he’s buy­ing the doc­tor’s de­spi­ca­ble lies when a shaken Sage begs him not to lis­ten to Dr An­der­son. Nick holds an anx­ious Sage, afraid that his wife is start­ing to lose her mind. TVS JUN 13-JUN 27, 2016

Keen to keep her baby-steal­ing un­der wraps, Sage Nick PROVOCATEUR Dr Sandy An­der­son (El­iz­a­beth Bo­gush) taunts Sage about her con­tin­ued in­ter­ac­tion with Sharon’s baby.


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