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Ari­anne Zucker, on Ni­cole

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JUN 13-JUN 27, 2016

How far is Ni­cole will­ing to go to make Deimos think that she is at­tracted to him?

Ni­cole is will­ing to go pretty far. She senses that Deimos doesn’t com­pletely trust her and she needs him to be­lieve that her feelings for him are gen­uine.

Why is Ni­cole will­ing to go to such lengths to fool Deimos?

Deimos hurt Mag­gie, which is a huge mo­ti­va­tion for Ni­cole. She and Mag­gie share a bond be­cause of their love for Daniel. They have got­ten very close and Ni­cole cares about Mag­gie. With Vic­tor, he’s Daniel’s god­fa­ther. When she made the deal with Vic­tor to fool Deimos, there was an un­der­stand­ing that she would get some­thing out of it. Ni­cole’s smart. She looks at all the an­gles.

What is it like for you to be work­ing more with Suzanne Rogers [Mag­gie]?

Suzanne is an amaz­ing ac­tress and she has been so lovely to me through my en­tirety on the show. She’s so classy; a lovely lady. We’ve gone out a few times as well and en­joyed each other’s com­pany. I think that with Daniel’s death, and the af­ter­math of it, this is a well-de­served sto­ry­line for her as well, be­cause I think she, too, is show­ing her colours, and her side that doesn’t get tapped into as much as it should. She’s done an in­cred­i­ble job, so I’m grate­ful to work with her be­cause she makes me cry! I’m like, ‘Oh, thank you for giv­ing so much.’ She gives so much to that char­ac­ter where you just go, ‘Wow, thank you.’

What was your re­ac­tion when you learned that Daniel [Shawn Chris­tian] was be­ing killed off?

I don’t think any­body’s ever happy when some­body you work with leaves the show. It’s part of your team­work. Your bud­dies are leav­ing. It’s truly sad. It’s ter­ri­ble when some­one gets red. I feel aw­ful, and when you’re the one that stays, and they’re the one that gets let go, there is a feel­ing of guilt. That goes for a lot of peo­ple on this show. But de nitely, when you’re work­ing with some­one in a sto­ry­line, I felt a tremen­dous amount of guilt when he was let go.

Na­dia Bjor­lin is re­turn­ing as Chloe. How is it to work with Na­dia again?

Oh, it’s great! We work so well to­gether. It’s so easy, and nally our char­ac­ters, it’s funny how our char­ac­ters have gone in this big cir­cle of neme­sis to friends. But luck­ily, that char­ac­ter has gone through a lot too, as far as go­ing the bad way a lit­tle bit, and to good, and it’s re­fresh­ing to have a girl­friend on the show.

Ni­cole has got­ten close to Theresa. How is it work­ing with Jen Lil­ley [Theresa]?

We’ve had some re­ally funny scenes where we’ve been laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cally and have had to stop and start over. Jen Lil­ley can do some com­edy! She is funny! When we’re run­ning lines, it’s dif­fer­ent than when we’re on set. We’re not com­pletely in char­ac­ter. So there are two dif­fer­ent ways that we do them. We call each other our ‘sis­ter-wives’! Jen’s got a great per­son­al­ity, is re­ally com­mit­ted to her char­ac­ter and loves her job. That makes it re­ally fun to work with her.

What were your feelings when Greg Vaughan [Eric] left?

Greg is so awe­some, and I know our char­ac­ters re­ally never got to give the fans what they wanted to see, which was a true re­la­tion­ship be­tween Eric and Ni­cole. But I think when Eric came back started the story on the fast track, be­cause Eric was so good, and I think maybe they had to get Ni­cole back to be­ing a bet­ter char­ac­ter.

From what I’ve read, fans were dis­ap­pointed that they didn’t get to see Eric and Ni­cole get back to­gether. So there is a sad­ness. But as far as Greg, he’s a rock star. He works, and he wanted to make a change for his life. So there were good rea­sons for him to move for­ward in his life to do other things. For that, I’m proud of him. He’s a re­ally dear friend. He’s a great guy and of course will con­tinue to do as well as he has. TVS


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