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Com­mu­nity leader and ac­tivist Waruu seems like a good guy but al­ways putting the greater good rst is about to come back to bite him. Adding to Waruu’s frus­tra­tion over the qual­ity of life in the Zone and the treat­ment of Hairypeo­ple is that his long-held dream of be­ing the Clev­er­man is over with the role go­ing to his es­tranged half-brother, Koen, who might be Waruu’s only hope.

In an at­tempt to re­veal the aw­ful con­di­tions Hairies are be­ing kept in at the Con­tain­ment Cen­tre, Waruu (Rob Collins) and Harry (Isaac Drandic) break in to lm what’s re­ally go­ing on. The mis­sion goes horribly wrong when Harry, a shaved-down Hairy, can’t bear to refuse Djukara’s (Tysan Towney) pleas to let them out. A guard shoots Djukara and Waruu pulls the guard off him but traps him in a head­lock.

They head back to the Zone and are shocked by re­ports that a guard’s heart was ripped out in the break­out, with the Hairies once again get­ting the blame. But while CLEV­ER­MAN the guard’s heart was re­moved af­ter death by Steve McIn­tyre (Mar­cus Gra­ham), the head of the Con­tain­ment Author­ity, it was Waruu who killed the guard.

The death toll rises as eight peo­ple in an aged care home have their hearts ripped out. Once again Hairies are blamed and the me­dia campaign in­spires crowds of an­gry protesters to ock to the Zone in con­dem­na­tion. Waruu asks me­dia mogul Slade (Iain Glen) for help and he sends a lm crew to the Zone to show the Hairies’ side of the story.

How­ever, Belinda (Leanna Wals­man), the jour­nal­ist sent to the Zone, has been fronting the re­ports blam­ing the Hairies for the at­tacks. She’s also Waruu’s lover — and his daugh­ter Alinta (Ta­mala Shel­ton) and wife Nerida (Jada Al­berts) are on to her.

With­out Waruu in the Zone to pro­tect Belinda, Alinta ea­gerly leads the re­porter to the Hairy precinct. Fu­ri­ous, they are on the verge of at­tack­ing Belinda when Latani (Rar­ri­wuy Hick) saves her but she too has a rea­son for re­venge and looks like turn­ing on her.

Mean­while, McIn­tyre con­fronts Waruu over the break­out and the guard’s death. He gives Waruu an ul­ti­ma­tum – hand back the Hairy es­capees or face a mur­der charge. But Waruu coun­ters with a deal of his own. He has footage of McIn­tyre cut­ting the guard’s heart out to frame the Hairies, which could cause ma­jor prob­lems for McIn­tyre and the gov­ern­ment’s scare campaign.

Know­ing he can only do so much, Waruu reaches out to Koen (Hunter Page-Lochard) for help. Waruu de­mands Koen ful l his du­ties as the Clev­er­man and de­stroy the crea­ture that is ac­tu­ally re­spon­si­ble for the deadly at­tacks that have been blamed on the Hairies.

Koen, who thinks he be­came Clev­er­man by mis­take, re­fuses, dis­miss­ing the beast as make-be­lieve. Un­for­tu­nately it may take a vi­o­lent act closer to home to in­spire Koen to nally take a stand. TVS

breaks in to the Con­tain­ment Cen­tre to film what’s go­ing on — but it all goes ter­ri­bly wrong ABC GRISLY SCENES Waruu (Rob Collins) gets in to the prison hold­ing the Hairies. A guard is killed in the con­flict and his heart re­moved.

RE­LUC­TANT Koen (Hunter Page-Lochard) re­fuses to kill the crea­ture re­spon­si­ble for the deadly at­tacks.


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