Is wor­ried sick that he’s to blame for the Las­siters blast and wants to ‘con­fess’. Even­tu­ally, the truth is out


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JUN 13-JUN 27, 2016

Suf­fer­ing from am­ne­sia, John is trou­bled that the only mem­o­ries he has are of the dam­aged Las­siters boiler, which ex­ploded caus­ing death and de­struc­tion. These dis­turb­ing ash­backs have con­vinced John he is re­spon­si­ble for the blast be­cause he just can’t see any other rea­son why he would be in the boiler room if he doesn’t work for a com­pany that xes them.

Fu­elled by love, Paige (Olympia Valance) des­per­ately tries to con­vince John (An­drew Morley) he’s not guilty by com­par­ing John’s mem­o­ries to ev­i­dence Mark (Scott Mc­Gre­gor) has. While Mark con rms that the boiler John re­mem­bers is the same brand as the Las­siters one, he tells her John has an alibi for the time the boiler was dam­aged.

Paige presses John to for­get about his the­ory but John can’t shake his wor­ries. She takes him jog­ging to get his mind off things but af­ter hear­ing from Steph (Carla Bon­ner) that Paul (Ste­fan Den­nis) is hav­ing a hard time in jail John’s guilt gives him an­other dis­turb­ing ash­back of the boiler room. Re­al­is­ing that these mem­o­ries are stress­ing John out, Paige agrees that he needs to tell some­one.

Af­ter con­fess­ing to a pri­est, John heads to the po­lice sta­tion. While Mark wants to dig deeper into John’s con­nec­tion to the ex­plo­sion, De­tec­tive Crabb (Louise Craw­ford) is re­luc­tant. She takes a soft ap­proach with Wendy, who pro­vides an alibi

HOP­ING HARD The truth of who John re­ally is sends shock­waves through Paige (Olympia Valance).

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