Geral­dine’s new lover causes a rift in the fam­ily in the lead-up to a do-over wed­ding for Will and Kerry

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Geral­dine’s new lover causes a rift in the clan, on Off­spring.

The rev­e­la­tion that Geral­dine is dat­ing Phil D’Arabont has sent shock­waves through the Proud­man clan. Nina, Bil­lie and Jimmy are fu­ri­ous about the news given that Phil was their late fa­ther’s neme­sis.

It still isn’t that long since Darcy’s (John Wa­ters) death and the wounds are still raw. Phil (David Roberts) isn’t Geral­dine’s (Linda Crop­per) rst lover since Darcy but he seems to be more se­ri­ous than the fun she had with Re­nato (Lu­ciano Mar­tucci) and Mar­jorie (Sarah Peirse).

And though they have had their grudges and frus­tra­tions with one an­other there seems to be a spark be­tween them.

So Geral­dine might well be on the way to hap­pi­ness with the larger-than-life Phil un­less her chil­dren put an end to it. Nina (Asher Ked­die), Bil­lie (Kat Ste­wart) and Jimmy (Richard Davies) are so dis­traught by the idea of Phil that they are hold­ing cri­sis talks.

They soon re­alise they might have to put their feel­ings aside for the sake of Geral­dine but Bil­lie will take the most con­vinc­ing. She was much im­pacted by Phil’s ac­tions years ago when he de­stroyed Darcy’s real es­tate busi­ness, where she worked.

But it’s time for a cel­e­bra­tion. Will (TJ Power) and Kerry (Ash Ri­cardo) got mar­ried while on their ro­man­tic week­end away and Bil­lie wants to hold a “non-wed­ding” for them. How­ever Kerry seems un­set­tled, lead­ing Will to ques­tion whether she re­grets their de­ci­sion. Ul­ti­mately she re­veals a heart­break­ing se­cret that she wor­ries might af­fect his feel­ings for her.

Ro­man­tic trou­bles are also on Bil­lie’s mind as she works out how to deal with Dan (Jeremy Lind­say Tay­lor). She re­ally likes him but they’ve spent so much time play­ing games with each other that she is won­der­ing whether they can make an ac­tual go of it.

Dan is also into Bil­lie but has been as much of a driv­ing force in their strange in­ter­ac­tions as she has. Could there ac­tu­ally be a deeper con­nec­tion if they gave up the silli­ness? It might just be that Dan’s abil­ity to match Bil­lie’s ery side means he is the right man for her. But to nd out they will have to de­cide to put the hi­jinks aside and give it a proper go. Can they make it work?

Mean­while, Nina con­tin­ues to strug­gle with what she wants for her ca­reer. She’s con­sid­ered many pos­si­bil­i­ties lately in­clud­ing clin­i­cal re­search. And while be­ing act­ing head of ob­stet­rics left her fraz­zled and over­whelmed she still ap­plied for the per­ma­nent po­si­tion.

Un­for­tu­nately Nina was un­suc­cess­ful and is now won­der­ing what that means for her fu­ture. There are many op­tions to con­sider for her next move. Will she make the right de­ci­sion?

At least things with Harry (Alexan­der England) seem to be go­ing well though there have been some hic­cups meet­ing Harry’s fam­ily. His sis­ter Kirsty (Adrienne Pick­er­ing) is es­pe­cially not keen on Nina but there seems to be some progress, with Harry ac­cept­ing an in­vi­ta­tion to Will and Kerry’s vow re­newal. Does this mean the Crewes are ready to ac­cept Nina and the Proud­mans?

Nina, Billy and Jimmy are so dis­traught by the idea of Phil that they are hold­ing cri­sis talks.


NO-GO MAN Geral­dine (Linda Crop­per) is dat­ing Phil D’Aran­bon (David Roberts), her late hus­band’s en­emy, much to the fury of her chil­dren.

LONG LIVE LOVE Will (TJ Power) and Kerry (Ash Ri­cardo) got mar­ried on a ro­man­tic week­end away but Will later wor­ries that Kerry might have re­grets.

ROCKY ROAD Nina (Asher Ked­die) and Harry (Alexan­der England) have faced a few prob­lems while (right) Bil­lie (Kat Ste­wart) is fall­ing for Dan (Jeremy Lind­say Tay­lor).

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