Hugh’s love ri­val is headed for Why hope, de­ter­mined to win Penny’s heart

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Hugh’s love ri­val is headed to Why­hope, on Doc­tor Doc­tor. Plus we chat to Rodger Corser.

FIt looks like Hugh might have missed his chance to woo Penny, with some­one else swoop­ing in where he left off. Dr Toke is on his way to town to give things with Penny a real shot and sud­denly Hugh’s jeal­ous.

“They [Hugh and Penny] were in the city and it was kind of slid­ing doors and missed op­por­tu­ni­ties,” ex­plains Rodger Corser, who plays Hugh. “They were head­ing to­wards maybe go­ing on a date to­gether and Hugh stands her up.

“He’s sort of self­ob­sessed about per­sonal work is­sues and lets the date slide and the door is left open and Penny meets [Toke] … and he kind of rides in like Prince Charm­ing on a white horse — Dr Per­fect Pants!”

Ac­cord­ing to Corser one of the things hold­ing dis­graced sur­geon Hugh back in pur­su­ing a re­la­tion­ship with Penny (Hay­ley McEl­hin­ney) is his own ego. He needs to be on top of his game pro­fes­sion­ally to feel con dent enough in him­self to give a re­la­tion­ship with Penny a try. But a fail­ure on the job the day of their din­ner stopped him from turning up at that piv­otal mo­ment.

And Hugh doesn’t re­alise what he’s miss­ing un­til Toke (An­gus McLaren), an ex-army medic, shows up in Why hope and re­veals him­self to be ev­ery­thing Hugh’s not. “He’s Doc­tors With­out Bor­ders and [worked on an] army doc­tor ship. He’s a yogi and eats pa­leo — so he’s all the things Hugh de­spises.

“The Toke char­ac­ter be­comes very keen and makes huge ro­man­tic ges­tures, grand ro­man­tic ges­tures like all the time, which makes Hugh want to stick his ngers down his throat, I think, and he comes to town to pur­sue Penny and rubs it in Hugh’s face a lit­tle bit.”

One of the other rea­sons Hugh is re­luc­tant to do some­thing about his feel­ings for Penny is the fact she lives in Why hope. De­spite be­ing Hugh’s home town he just does not want to be there any longer than his year-long pro­ba­tion. If he were to start a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship with Penny or any­one else lo­cal it would mean he’d have to stay.

“I think there’s real hope at the start of the se­ries be­cause Penny is in Syd­ney. She’s got this great grant and she’s achiev­ing great things and he thinks he’s go­ing to achieve these amaz­ing things [too] and so he’s re­ally open for it but then he gets a bit of a knock-back there and things kind of change.”

Penny moves back to Why hope be­cause her son Floyd has strug­gled to set­tle in there. The hos­pi­tal has also be­come a sham­bles un­der the guid­ance of in­com­pe­tent man­ager Nora Gum­ble­ton (He­len Thom­son) who has a shock­ing ac­ci­dent.

So now Hugh and Penny are back work­ing to­gether, treat­ing pa­tients and danc­ing around their sex­ual ten­sion. If Hugh re­ally wants to be with Penny he’ll have to step up be­cause Toke has got the guts to give it a crack and he won’t go down with­out a ght.

TOO LATE? Hugh (Rodger Corser) may have missed his chance with Penny (Hay­ley McEl­hin­ney), thanks to his own ego.



LOVE’S IN THE AIR Penny with the at­ten­tive Dr Toke (An­gus McLaren). TVS

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