As Mor­gan Ma­son faces his great­est challenge ever, his brother Brody is drown­ing in shame

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Ma­son faces his dark­est days, on Home and Away.

Ma­son Mor­gan has needed ev­ery bit of courage to pull him through re­cent years as he has dealt with one fam­ily tragedy af­ter an­other, but he’s about to nd all that pales into in­signif­i­cance com­pared to what’s ahead in Sum­mer Bay.

Now cop­ing with shock­ing life-threat­en­ing injuries and severe spinal dam­age, Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) faces a very dif­fer­ent fu­ture to the one he had planned. In fact, it will be a mir­a­cle if he ever walks again.

In up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away, Mor­gan faces the re­al­ity of a tough fu­ture while he re­cov­ers in hos­pi­tal and strug­gles with fac­ing a fu­ture as a para­plegic.

His ac­tive past of life­sav­ing and be­ing one of the ttest peo­ple in Sum­mer Bay could now be well be­hind him af­ter the paralysing car ac­ci­dent that changed his life. What Ma­son’s fu­ture will be, no one yet knows but one thing’s for sure — it will be a world away from the t and ac­tive life he has always known.

Mor­gan’s ac­ci­dent has shat­tered the en­tire Ma­son fam­ily, but no one more than his brother Brody (Jackson Hey­wood). Brody is con­sumed with guilt over this dev­as­tat­ing turn of events and knows it’s his fault his brother faces a life in a wheel­chair.

Brody can barely stand to look at his brother who is des­per­ately try­ing to come to terms with his fate. If it was not for Brody’s drug ad­dic­tion and cross­ing the wrong per­son in drug-dealer Zan­nis (Caleb Al­loway), Ma­son would not be in this con­di­tion to­day.

Weeks ago, Zan­nis promised to get his re­venge on the Ma­son fam­ily for the way Brody turned his back on him and cut off his sup­ply of cus­tomers for his drug busi­ness.

He al­ready poi­soned the Ma­sons, and it was Zan­nis be­hind the wheel of the car that forced

Mor­gan’s ac­ci­dent has shat­tered the en­tire fam­ily, but no one more than his brother Brody

Mor­gan to ca­reen off the road and smash.

What made the sit­u­a­tion even worse was that the broth­ers were hav­ing an an­gry ar­gu­ment in the min­utes be­fore the hor­ror smash, with Ma­son beg­ging his brother to get help, and Brody deny­ing yet again he even had a prob­lem.

It was also Brody who leant over and grabbed the wheel from Ma­son in a des­per­ate at­tempt to steer out of Zan­nis’s way, which only re­sulted in the car spin­ning out of con­trol and rolling, caus­ing the shock­ing dam­age.

And while Mor­gan had his spine shat­tered, Brody walked away from the ac­ci­dent with lit­tle more than a few bloody scratches and bruises. Mor­gan is now

ght­ing to put the pieces of a wrecked life to­gether, and yet has no idea what to do next.

The events of that hor­ri­ble day just keep play­ing over and over in Brody’s mind. And ev­ery time Brody looks at Mor­gan, he al­most wishes it was he who was in­jured so that he didn’t feel so re­spon­si­ble. But there is no es­cap­ing the re­al­ity — Mor­gan is a man shat­tered.

It was Mor­gan who stood loy­ally by his brother’s side dur­ing the worst of the bat­tle with the ice ad­dic­tion, and at­tempted to help Brody con­front the demons con­trol­ling him through some of the long days and nights of with­drawal.

So for him to be re­paid in such a tragic way tor­tures Brody, mak­ing him feel even worse ev­ery day. And he knows he no longer has any other op­tion — he must beat this ad­dic­tion once and for all, not just for his own well­be­ing, but also for the sake of his fam­ily.

With Mor­gan now re­quir­ing con­stant med­i­cal care and sup­port, Brody knows he must put his self­ish ways be­hind him and step up to be­ing the brother Mor­gan needs him to be.

He also knows he can no longer leave ev­ery­thing up to Tori (Penny Mc­Namee) and Justin (James Ste­wart) to take care of. For too long, Brody has been the self­ish one of the brood, and that now has to change.

He has al­ready an­nounced he’s sell­ing his in­ter­est in Salt so he can pay for a stint in an ex­pen­sive re­hab clinic far away from Sum­mer Bay. This means he needs to leave the fam­ily for a while, but he is sure he will be so much bet­ter for all of them if he re­turns clean and sober.

What Brody doesn’t re­alise, how­ever, is his bat­tles are far from over and are ac­tu­ally about to en­ter a new chap­ter in which he will be forced to pay — in a range of ways — for his wild, reck­less and dan­ger­ous be­hav­iour of the past.

Which means, this night­mare is far from over. Brody fears that Zan­nis might only have just be­gun to ramp up his reign of ter­ror and any­thing is now pos­si­ble. Brody now looks at Tori and Justin and won­ders just which one will be in Zan­nis’s sights next, and what might hap­pen to them in this vi­cious bat­tle that seems to have no end.

Zan­nis FULL OF RE­MORSE Brody (Jackson Hey­wood) is feel­ing in­cred­i­bly guilty, even though it was Zan­nis be­hind the wheel of the car that forced Mor­gan to veer off the road.

SMASH TRAGEDY Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) has been in a shock­ing car crash and now may face life as a para­plegic. BONDED BOYS The Mor­gan broth­ers in less com­pli­cated days be­fore the ac­ci­dent. (From left) Brody (Jackson Hey­wood), Justin (James Ste­wart) and...



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