Nicole makes up her mind

The Avant fam­ily is at war, as Nicole fi­nally de­cides whether to let Maya and Rick for­mally adopt Lizzie

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As Nicole wa­vers on whether or not she should claim Lizzie as her own child, her fa­ther in­sists that fate wants her to be a mother. Julius rea­sons that the cler­i­cal er­ror that voided Lizzie’s adop­tion by Rick and Maya is divine in­ter­ven­tion.

How­ever, Nicole (Reign Ed­wards) be­comes even more con­fused when Zende (Rome Flynn) ad­vises her to re­turn Lizzie (Gianna and Isabella Gar­cia) to the only par­ents she knows. Nicole then fears that her mar­riage could be in jeop­ardy if she doesn’t ca­pit­u­late to her sis­ter’s de­mands, but Julius (Obba Ba­batunde) as­sures Nicole that Zende will even­tu­ally adapt to the new ar­range­ment.

Vivi­enne be­comes up­set over her hus­band’s med­dling and or­ders him to butt out of this dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion mak­ing process. But Julius de­clares that he’s only think­ing of what’s best for his grand­daugh­ter.

A frus­trated Vivi­enne (Anna Maria Hors­ford) vis­its Maya (Karla Mosley), who is fraz­zled over the whole sit­u­a­tion. She truly fears that Lizzie will be taken away from her and that her fa­ther is re­spon­si­ble for mak­ing the sit­u­a­tion even more con­fus­ing for Nicole. Vivi­enne agrees that Julius has to be stopped.

Rick (Ja­cob Young), Maya, Zende and Vivi­enne walk in on Julius pres­sur­ing Nicole not to give up her parental rights and they or­der him to stop. Julius points out that he’s the only one on Nicole’s side but Vivi­enne coun­ters that he’s bul­ly­ing their daugh­ters.

The room de­volves into loud ar­gu­ing, as Julius threat­ens a cus­tody bat­tle. Maya is un­able to tol­er­ate the dis­sen­sion that has been caused in her fam­ily and tells ev­ery­one to be quiet. When it’s nally silent, Maya ap­proaches her sis­ter and takes Nicole’s hand.

Maya con­cedes that if they were to go to court that Nicole would eas­ily win cus­tody since she’s Lizzie’s bi­o­log­i­cal mother.

Maya ac­knowl­edges that a le­gal bat­tle is fruit­less and would only serve to tear apart their fam­ily. She then of­fers to give up Lizzie with­out a ght if Maya that’s what Nicole re­ally wants.

Re­al­is­ing that the sacri ce Maya is will­ing to make proves she’s a true mother, Nicole breaks down in tears and sobs that Lizzie be­longs with Rick and Maya. As Julius strongly ob­jects, Nicole signs the adop­tion pa­pers,

Rick so that Lizzie will con­tinue to be raised by Rick and Maya.

Maya thanks Nicole for such a self­less act and the sis­ters hug. How­ever, as far as Julius is con­cerned, Maya might have won this bat­tle but she won’t win the war. TVS

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