A fe­ro­cious FIRECRACKER

Bon­nie cer­tainly has the street-smarts and crim­i­nal know-how to pull off her lat­est con job as her hair-rais­ing past proves.

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From 2000 to 2002, Bon­nie was only an in­signif­i­cant and re­cur­ring pres­ence in her daugh­ter Mimi’s (Farah Fath) life. Orig­i­nally called Mau­reen (and played briefly by Robin Riker and Kathy Con­nell), Bon­nie was seem­ingly a pleas­ant and level-headed but strug­gling solo mother who was try­ing to make ends meet af­ter her hus­band David had aban­doned the fam­ily years ear­lier. At one point, Bon­nie and her kids were home­less and be­came the re­cip­i­ents of a com­mu­nity project that built them a new home.

In 2003, hav­ing ditched her rst name and as­sumed her mid­dle name while also adopt­ing a dras­tic and markedly dif­fer­ent per­son­al­ity, Bon­nie be­came a reg­u­lar xture on the Salem scene. De­cid­ing that gam­bling on the lot­tery and pulling con jobs was the fastest way to be­com­ing rich, Bon­nie’s jeal­ousy of other Salem fam­i­lies ex­as­per­ated Mimi. Bon­nie also set her sights on Mickey Hor­ton (then-John Clarke) who had re­cently been wid­owed when his wife Maggie was sup­pos­edly mur­dered by the Salem stalker se­rial killer. Win­ning Mickey over with her happy-go-lucky out­look and charms, Bon­nie also took con­trol of Maggie’s beloved restau­rant, turning it into a coun­try and west­ern bar in the process.

Even­tu­ally, Mickey (then-John In­gle) was so be­sot­ted with Bon­nie that he pro­posed mar­riage. To her de­light, they quickly mar­ried in an out­ra­geous cer­e­mony that re­sem­bled a hoe­down but the wed­ding night came to a crash­ing halt when a very much alive Maggie ap­peared in the liv­ing room. Her death had been faked and she had been held prisoner on a re­mote is­land be­fore es­cap­ing.

Un­will­ing to give up her do­mes­tic bliss, Bon­nie staked her claimed on Mickey when it was re­vealed that she was his le­gal wife as Maggie had been de­clared legally dead. She, Maggie and Mickey all hi­lar­i­ously lived to­gether at the Hor­ton house with the women con­stantly try­ing to outdo each other in se­duc­ing Mickey. Bon­nie’s wicked side soon reared when she ma­nip­u­lated a con­fused Mimi into abort­ing her baby, con­vinc­ing her that hav­ing chil­dren too young would ruin her life. Bon­nie’s meth­ods back­fired badly when Mimi de­vel­oped a post­ter­mi­na­tion in­fec­tion that left her in­fer­tile.

The year 2005 brought more heartache for a dev­as­tated Bon­nie when Mickey ul­ti­mately chose Maggie over her, re­sult­ing in their di­vorce.

To make amends for in­di­rectly caus­ing her daugh­ter’s child­less­ness, Bon­nie in­ter­fered to x an in-vitro fer­til­i­sa­tion glitch that had em­broiled Mimi and her hus­band Shawn (Ja­son Cook & Bran­don Beemer) and Belle (Martha Madi­son) and her hus­band Philip (Kyle Brandt). With a sur­ro­gate mother ac­ci­den­tally car­ry­ing Mimi and Philip’s fer­tilised em­bryo, Bon­nie se­cretly paid the sur­ro­gate to keep the baby that she’d been asked to abort.

Re­fo­cus­ing on her own life, Bon­nie be­came at­tracted to Roman but put the pur­suit on hold when a man’s skele­ton was un­cov­ered in the church grounds. Aware that the corpse be­longed to her dead hus­band David, Bon­nie tried to pre­vent the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of the body but the truth emerged. Con­fess­ing that Mimi had ac­ci­den­tally killed her fa­ther dur­ing an ar­gu­ment when she was a child, Bon­nie con­vinced Mimi to let her take the rap for the crime. Mimi agreed and left town while Bon­nie went to prison for sev­eral years. TVS

HAPPY DAYS Mickey (John Clarke) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).



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