A quick chat with Rodger Corser

The star of Doc­tor Doc­tor talks char­ac­ter flaws, fak­ing med­i­cal pro­ce­dures and film­ing in Mudgee

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How does it feel to be step­ping back in to Hugh’s shoes?

It’s good. He’s fun to play with and gets to do a lot of naughty things that you can’t get away with in real life so it’s fun to step in­side his shoes. He’s a bril­liant guy — he’s also bril­liantly awed so a lot more fun than a goody-two-shoes char­ac­ter.

Do you do any prepa­ra­tion for the surg­eries Hugh per­forms in the show?

No, the na­ture of Aussie telly — ev­ery­thing is very quick so we haven’t got time. YouTube’s got a lot of videos on these oper­a­tions, which is re­ally quite handy and gory. One of the scenes, we ac­tu­ally had a sur­geon in so we used his hands as a hand dou­ble for some close-ups of some su­tur­ing but then he also showed me the ac­tions [for sewing stitches]. What do you get up to in Mudgee [in coun­try NSW] when you’re not film­ing? When we’re not ac­tu­ally lm­ing, they’re long hours so a lot of peo­ple just go straight home to bed but Mudgee’s a great food and wine re­gion so there’s some great lit­tle wine bars and cafes and places out there when we do some­times stay over the week­end to work a Satur­day. I think some of the [cast and crew] give karaoke a crack on a Fri­day night!

If you could play any other char­ac­ter be­sides Hugh, who would you like to play for a day?

You know, I tell you what, Charles Wu [who plays] Ken. He is a stud muf­fin this year, out of the blue. He’s com­pet­ing with Hugh. I think he’s ac­tu­ally sur­passed Hugh with the amount of in­ter­est he has from the ladies this year. That’s not a word of a lie, he gets some great stuff this year — it’s hi­lar­i­ous.

What was your favourite scene to shoot this sea­son?

I do love it when the fam­ily all get to­gether. There’s a great dy­namic there with Hugh, I think. With the fam­ily he’s got such dif­fer­ent re­la­tion­ships [with each mem­ber] and you throw it all into the big smelt­ing pot to­gether in a din­ner-party scene. TVS

‘BRIL­LIANT GUY’ Rodger Corser is pleased that his char­ac­ter, Hugh, is “a lot more fun than a goody-twoshows char­ac­ter”.

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